Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Waste of time

Today ( tuesday 28th February 2006 ) was a freaking waste of time in school. Only had three out of ten classes wtf? Been a long time ( yeah right ) since I last updated this blog, it's cool.. really. Attended two freaking meetings today, one is about the leadership course for all presidents, secretaries, treasurers and vice presidents. And the second is the prefect's monthly meeting. Zhi Wei skipped school to go for a Mathemathics quiz today, and I had to pick up all his mess as he managed to skip both meetings and all the empty classes. Anyway, the leadership thingy meeting was chaotic with everyone not being able to understand what the fuck the counselor was talking about, but aah, after an hour everything was sorted out... as if. Confirm sure got case or problems. It's just sooner or later.

And the prefects meeting was just great. The Ketua Pengawas and his committess were fucking everyone up, which is good. Prefects in High School is just a name, what with all the Premier or Best student hype. They are ultimately just humans, oh wait, I mean WE are just humans. And boy, what kind of humans would we make '_'||| Anyway, all the AJKs were bitching and scolding the naughty boys, like when I scold my boys in St John. I was feeling a little pissed myself. Some of the AJKs are veeery efficient in reporting others when they find them not performing their duties, and yet they are the bitches who bitch around without doing THEIR duties. So immediately after the meeting, I stared intently at the Ketua Pengawas.

"I tell you, Your AJKs haven't totally make me fire up. When they do, I tell you they are really going to get it. ( Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad )"

And he went like 'I know lar... I am trying to catch them' Whatever.

And damn, I should have mentioned this earlier, but whatever.

Apparently my tuition teacher is having problems with students now. Hey, its a tuition alright, we come and go as we please, we like we stay and shut the fuck up, we don't like we brush our sory asses and get the fuck out of there!

Since earlier this year, my teacher had this problem with MoFo students. Well, in Januari a fucking parent called and complained that the tuition center was wrong to charge RM10 for photostat fees. I mean, WTF? My teacher was so freaked out she threatened to close all the tuition classes. I mean, she is a good teacher! And how on earth do such kind of parents exist? 'Bagaimana acuan begitulah kuihnya' - BM version. The Leslie version would probably go 'Motherfuckers will only produce Motherfuckers'.

Well, she got over that. And the next thing you know, today another parent bitched to her again. This time, I haven't got the full story yet, and its High School boys again. Sometimes I think the change is too dramatic. I mean, look at my group, my batch. We are such great students! And look at the form 4!? What the FUCK? I mean, wow wtf? Sissies, most of them.

So here's what she has told us so far. She jokingly scolded a boy, who happens to be a blurcase, always forgetting his books, notes, a sotong ( blur sotong lar! ). So when she made a mistake ( something like missed a line in the sajak she wrote on the whiteboard ) and one MoFo yelled 'Sotong!' and another MoFo clapped his hands. That made all the High School form 4 boys laugh. While the girls remain stunned. Come on lar! Jokers also no skill! Me and Zhi Wei can make the class in uproar without much of a problem. We can even make teacher laugh. So, hey wtf, she is a teacher! Even me and Zhi Wei don't do that! We respect them!

But she just shrug it off. Whatever. So, when we were having our tuition today, the parent of the 'blurcase' came and complained. She said teacher shouldn't call her son a sotong. -_-" I mean, if teacher called me a sotong, I would make a pin and pin it proudly with the words 'Teacher called me a sotong. Don't laugh yet. It takes one to know one' I dare you to laugh. So the parent comes and bitch around, and fucks teacher up. Teacher was so pissed, and ( as Navin would put it ) Pei Check. She cried for the third time in two months. In front of us.

Conclusion? Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad in school. Many of us wants to fuck up the MoFos in school for being such a bitch.

Well, just proves that kids are being pampered too much. Parents defend their kids when necessary, and when UNnecessary now. I mean, a kid would go like 'Don't scold me, don't touch me, don't yell at me, don't EVEN LOOK at me! Or my mama will see you in court.' Yeah, tell her it's a date.

Problem with my juniors now? There are two. One, as I said, they are pampered, and parents are overdoing the protect-your-kid thing, they would never grow up. If I did that to my dad, like 'Hey dad, I got beaten up in school. I want you to complain to school, and get the kid who did it asswalloped real good' And my dad would probably shrug his shoulders and go 'Experience, that will teach you not to go around talking nonsense' Second problem, I mean, LOOK AT THEIR SIZE MAN! Even one drunkard teacher in my school once yelled loudly during sports 'KENAPA BUDAK FORM 1 SEKARANG SEMUA KECIK MACAM SEMUT?!!!!!' Heh, that seriously cracks me up. And he even scolded students to keep of the tracks, but the form 1 boys apparently are not intimidated, don't care, don't understand, or just being freaking dumb to stand still on the tracks while the 100m event is going on. So the drunkard teacher was like 'OI! TAK FAHAM BAHASA MELAYU EH!? NAK SAYA KATA BAHASA APA? BAHASA CINA? BAHASA HOKKIEN? BAHASA CANTONESE? BAHASA INGGERIS?' And the student thought seriously for a while, with his left hand supporting the elbow of his right and his right hand's forefinger at his chin those kind of look. After a few seconds, he went 'Bahasa Hokkien sir'
That drunkard was *chibaboooom!*

Problem one continued. Let me ask you this serious thing. When was the last time, your parents actually brought food to school for you during recess, and accompanied you until recess officially ends? Mine was standard 1, when I was, like 7? And even then, it was the first day in school, after that, I never get to see my parents in school until now. This year, I was like WTF?

January, for the entire month, parents came and visit regularly, usually with food during recess. And their kids would run to them and go 'OH PAPA MAMA! I MISS YOU SO!! AND I AM HUNGRY!!' And I would stand behind and go like 'WTF ARE YOU 13???' Well, not yet. But I mean, YOU ARE IN FREAKING SECONDARY SCHOOL MAN!

Met another tuition teacher sometime when I went out for dinner. She taught me science for three years for PMR. So I was like 'EEHHH TEACHER! Long time no see!' and we began chatting. She was like 'Eh you all form 1 boys ar, really bad lar. I teaching until half, my handphone ring non stop.' I went like, 'Har? Whai?' And her reply?

"Harlow? How is my son ar? In tuition good or not??"

I would seriously answer 'Hey fuck you man! Your son is a boy, so let him have some privacy and stop disturbing me!'

Such a good life. Seriously wonder how are they going to assume positions as the leaders of clubs, uniform bodies and sports? Heh, imagine lar one of them being the commander of say.. any uniform body's marching contingent.


Wahahahahaa.. Got to check back school in 2-3 years time man.

Starting my driving lessons next week.

Side note : GOD! SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE SMILES!!!! Aaarrggh, control control! Its just the hormones!! *chants* Its just the hormones, its just the hormones *chants*


Zhi Wei said...

that idiot is some mofo.... I don't know how on earth they can find it reasonable to complain about smth like that.

HEY.. the LAST time my parents brought me food was... oh WAIT, thERE WASN"T A FREAKING LAST TIME.

I don't understand kids nowadays. :P And you'd think it's the last thing we'd expect ourselves to say. :P

aisyah said...

and I used to think those frigging pampered brats only exist in Ipoh .. haha ..

"I don't understand kids nowadays. :P And you'd think it's the last thing we'd expect ourselves to say. :P "

hahaha .. damn right u are . but then , we should be saying that when we're old crippled prunes rather than now :P hahah..