Thursday, March 02, 2006

Heheh, got to check this out man

Check out this picture.

So now boys, heed their advice. Do so in the comfort of your own bedroom, don't do it in the showers. You might think you would come out from the bathroom clean, but hey! Apparently it clogs up the showers. And they are even going to match DNAs, hehe! But still, I think abstinence is still the best solution. Don't do it, by yourself anyway. You can do it until you yell 'HELP!' after you are married. Face it, here's the theory.

Before marriage, guys think about sex all day. Some masturbate, some fantasize, some just freaks out. After marriage, guys still think about sex all day, but not with their wives.

Before marriage, girls show no signs of interest in sex at all. How the hell do they do that? After marriage, well, please the husband... in a nonstop fashion. Hey! Wives are hornier after marriage than men!

Now, check out this picture.

Jalan Puki Mak Ulah. What kind of street name is that!? Imagine you are in Kuala Lumpur, and you have to get to this street. And the only transportation means is a taxi. How would you go about telling the driver without him chasing you out of the vehicle?

Picture a scene where Leslie wants to go to that street and gets into a taxi.

Driver : Nak ke mana bang?

Leslie : Jalan, PUKIMAK YOU LAR!

Driver : Wtf?

Leslie : I mean, Jalan lar, you know that Jalan! As in, go? PUKI MAK YOU LAR!

Oh, for those who are wondering what does Puki means, its better you don't know. Just know that it is a swear word, and it is directed at the person you are swearing at's mum. Its very vulgar, so never use that to swear. Its true, trust me.

Oh and by the way, got those pictures from a forum, which somehow i find myself being made a moderator ( don't know why ). Here's the web, Join if you want, and make it livelier. What is a forum when there are only 20 users, only 4 or 5 who are posting stuff?

Sidenote : Aiyooo~~~~~~~~~~ She is just so beautiful lar! Damn the hormones!


Anonymous said...

Puki is pussy lah not mom..
Puki mak kau is "ur mom pussy" that should never be use at any point of time...

Anonymous said...

it is a hoax. no such street. 47800 is a postcode for kelana jaya and bandar sunway postcode is 46150 check here