Friday, February 03, 2006

Tag, You're It!

Well, this stupid tag thing has got me scratching my head thinking of what to reply. And what the HELL? I got tagged twice by my very 'GREAT' friends ( Aisyah and Zhi Wei ). Well, the first thing is : Name five of the world's simple pleasures that you like most.. don't copy and be original. So, here goes

1 . Sex
2. Sex
3. Sex
4. Sex
5. Sex

Eh? Wrong list sorry... This is the right one..

1. Reading a great book when i should be studying
2. Playing my computer games when i should be doing my homework
3. Chatting on the MSN when i am supposed to be doing my revision
4. Laughing sadistically at Zhi Wei and Christopher when they get misfortune THEN only help them
5. Listening to music while sleeping
(make it 6)
6. Sleeping while doing revision
7. Driving like a mad fool
(I know i said 6, but how about 8 instead? Auspicious number mah)
8. Somehow manage to finish my homework and then laugh at Heng Leng, who did not waste time like me but still cannot finish. AHAHAAHHA!

Well, the next is something like a dream partner.. Name 8 characteristics about them. No wrong list this time.

Of course is female, don't act dumb.
Well, here's what i think she should be.
1. Hot like Jessica Alba
2. Hot like Amber Chia

Eh, shit lar -_- wrong again..

1. Sweet, wholesome, pretty and beautiful ( but not too beautiful, so long as not an eye sore. I cannot stand beautiful girls, though i DO stand when around beautiful girls)
2. Have a figure like Amber Chia. 32-25-35!!!!!
3. Loves animals and the Earth
4. Erm.. about the same height as me, not too tall.. about 170 will do :D definitely not taller than me -_-!!!
5. Able to tolerate me and my nonsense and of course, accepts my theory of Hell and Creation and able to give thoughts of her own
6. I want her to have a backbone, not those cowering damn obedient people. My dog (nonexistent yet, soon when i get my own pad :D ) can provide those.
7. Must be a better cook than my mother (omgwtf, almost impossible)
8. Erm, likes to read like me? Then can have a library at home and spend all the time *ahem* reading. And if somehow got kids, then by hell make sure they read properly, then only can laugh at Malaysian's level of English.

Can I have more instead of 8? Nah.. forget it..

Wahlau.. damn sui man..

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Anonymous said...

i dont this tis girl is neither beautiful nor pretty...u know y??? me..this girl's has an ugly face n also her body figure not nice(in my opinion)