Thursday, February 09, 2006


Wow, first monthly exam! Usually in High School, my personal opinion of first monthly test? Easy like shit man... That proved true for 4 years in High School and 6 years in Primary School. 10 years of results shattered in my last year in High School WTF?

Well, for starters, physics was relatively easy, add maths was relatively easy ( for once for me ), EST well duh me and zhi wei were laughing and joking throughout the test.. and others were also easy.

But when it came to bio paper, the whole class screamed and writhed and groaned and moaned and howled and yelped and (whatever other words there in the thesaurus that is same with these words) in agony. Dang it! Teacher was understanding, but still no copying -_-" She tried to console us omgwtf by saying she will be very very lenient.. God Bless her! Damn nice lar that teacher, but she obviously had high expectations of my class, 5 Science 1, and sad to say seems like we failed to live up to that expectations. Heh, Zhi Wei was in such a good mood that morning ( reasons known, but private and confidential ) and he told Mr. Diva, our english teacher 'Sir, I am in a very good mood today, and I intend to spread the joy around the class!' Then, came the biology paper. Zhi Wei went 'OMGWTF FF F F F F F F!!!!!!' F = F*ck! Then, he became depressed, the Zhi Wei I really know. LoL...

Then, came the Moral exams. Omg strike two ( for me ). Heh, serves me right for not memorising the so-called-goddamned-hypocritical values and its definition. And the teacher, a teacher for Jaafar sports house ( of which I am treasurer to ), she enjoys scolding me for not collecting money, and half the house, wait, is three quarters of the house money is collected by her. When I collect.. 'Tak bawak duit' lar.. "Tak de duit makan" lar.. 'Tak datang" lar.. but when she collect she throws stacks of RM200 by RM200 at me. Wtf? So she enjoys scolding me after doing my work. And she HAD THAT SADISTIC SMIRK on her face as she watched me struggle with my paper for the entire half-hour. -_-"

Exams this year are no trivial matter, as Leslie would put it, Its very trivial so no need do. But then, SPM is not trivial, it's just annoying. Like a fly, when its time comes, it arrives and dies. Man, what wouldn't I give up ( except maybe a date with Amber Chia.. or Jessica Alba.. or Kate Beckinsale? ) just to not take SPM and still get a slip with straight A1s :P

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