Thursday, February 02, 2006


Wisdom tooth. I have two. What more can I say? I named them lefty and righty. At the moment, lefty is growing fast, and is pushing my gum up so when i chew, I press against the gum all the time, causing it to be painful. I am only wondering why is Righty so inactive now, but what the heck, as if i want it to be active.

Hopefully they grow straight and are not homo tooth. Or else extracting them will be an excruciating experience, which my brother describes it as '1 month MC'. Heh, damnit lar, I must be a sage to have that much wisdom in my tooth alone.

Anyway, been reading Aisyah's post, and from there got Angel's post, 2 weeks just to recover from extracting. 1 month alright.

Appears that my brother also had wisdom tooth, but they went straight up. Man, don't i wish that mine goes straight too!


aisyah said...

*sigh ..some people have all the luck .

when r u planning to extract lefty n righty ? lol .
the sooner the better they say .

Umair said...

Herm... guess i'm not a wise-type-guy since i dont have wisdom tooth... lol :D

Wow, never knew being wise could be so excrutiating...