Friday, February 24, 2006

This is the best day Ever

This is the best day ever. Cross country in school today, and I was supposed to be patrolling the entire route with a friend, whose skills in handling his motorbike is seriously debatable. I was riding pillion on his bike. Then, it started raining. And I went 'Holy f*ck its raining, are they going to continue?' So we went back to school ( we were outside going through the routes ) and check it out. Apparently they were going to continue anyway, and I think Mister Rain was miffed that he was not able to stop the cross country.

Then, it began to piss down like it never rained before.

Before everything began, it was raining like.. HEAVILY. And we were going down the slope when we crashed -_-" Damn it, Seniors of St John Ambulance needs aid before the cross country began.

Apart from six broken ribs, four broken fingers, two broken limbs and one head intact, everything's fine.

Seriously, I had the wind knocked out of me, and I lay dazed and stunned on the road for a couple of seconds. Two teachers were nearby, all they did was walk nonchalantly towards us and having that f*cking smirk on their face. THE ROAD WAS SLIPPERY YOU !&*!@%#&!@%#

So after regaining my breath, we rushed back to the school for aid -_-"

THEN only the cross country began, wtf lar. It was pissing down like it has never rained before, and the students were really restless. So, they ran and ran, while we rode nearby, and this time, I remembered that I did not pray to my ancestors and God, maybe that's why.

Cold and dreary and miserable, we all performed our duties. Apparently there were many cases, and each time I find one, I just call the Ambulance and dump them on it. Can't be helped, there were too many ailments the students were suffering from. Pulled a muscle, asthma, pulled a ligament, pulled an artery, and one guy actually felt so cold that he fainted and had to be sent to the hospital.

All in all, pretty satisfied with today :) After all, not everybody gets the experience of crashing from a motorbike and live to feel the thrill of crashing. It was fun. Damn, I am a sadist even towards myself.

A normal person would think that I had an unlucky day. Not me. Think things the Leslie-way. Not everybody can get to ride around a motorbike, crash and continue, with the rain pissing on us like the entire nation of China is up there with their pants down, and suffering from multiple cuts and wounds and still able to help others. It is a great experience indeed ;)

Btw, I exagerrated the casualty part. All I suffered from was a scratched elbow, a scratched and bruised knee, and some minor cuts and a heartbreak. My watch was brand new, cost RM175+-, and it was scratched until... SIGHS! Not even a month of service and I have to get it repaired already.

On a side note, this is an advice to you people who are riding motorbikes, especially pillion riders. Always wear a safety helmet, even if it ruffles your hair that you took three hours to make it look like that. It saved my head and face from serious disfigurement. Seriously, nobody who is anybody will want to see my handsome and loveable face scratched.

Still, This is the best day Ever. Next time in the future, when I get married and have kids, I can tell my kids "Son, come here. When your dad was young.. he experienced many stuff. Your dad fell from a motorbike before!! Why, I suffered from many fractures and scratches and bruises, but still, duty calls me and I still helped my fellow students who needed it! Your dad is a great man! Oh and sonny, next time when riding a motorbike, wear a helmet and elbow pads and knee pads, OR SOMEBODY GONNA GET A HURT REAAL BAD!'

Listening to My Chemical Romance - This is the best day ever ( seems like this is a fad to post what you are feeling or what you are listening to. Only in this post I will make, or when I feel it in other posts, simply because this is an Irony that I am feeling this way and listening to a song with a title like that )

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Zhi Wei said...

don't censor la. it takes out the kick in your post. hahahaa.

anyway, so that's why you kept showing me your watch... I was wondering what the hell was wrong with you. then I realised the answer was everything and stopped wondering. :P hahahaha.

"Seriously, nobody who is anybody will want to see my handsome and loveable face scratched." _---> EHhHhHHHh COUghCOUGCHCOUCGhOUCGHCOCUCGHcough... someboday gonna get a-hurt real bad la... hahaha... wei.. we are over russell-peter-ing la... hahaha.