Sunday, February 26, 2006


Apparently I discovered who I really am. I am my parent's son alright! I inherited traits from both mother and father. When my father was informed that I crashed from a motorbike, he just shrugged and said 'Experience, its good for you'. And my mother forgot about it almost immediately. Put them together and you get a short-term memory, cynical and sarcastic, and problematic dude like me. Physical appearance, well, I look handsome, that's it.

Anyway, sometimes I can never figure out people in love. My brother came back from Singapore with his fiance and her family, so we went to the only shopping complex in Batu Pahat. Apparently she wanted to find a song for her wedding dinner, which would be on around September or October. She couldn't find it, and threw a tantrum. -_-" Refused to leave until she gets her song. So my bro tried to tell her that there is still plenty of time, but you know lar.. my bro.. My family all possess the same trait ( except maybe me? ) That is, convenience is our middle name. Not to mention cheap ( thrifty if any family member is reading this ). Its always 'Aiya, easier this way mar!' or 'Its more convenient, so we do it this way' Sometimes we do go an extra mile just to be 'convenient'. The scenario comes even worse if it comes to money. But with money, only part of the family. Some are extremely generous, and some are extremely stingy.

Anyway, my brother just asked her this question 'You getting married tomorrow or what? What's the rush?' There. The kind of question my dad would ask. The kind of question I would ask. Its in the blood. So she was pissed and shot back 'Fine! If you don't care, that's fine with me!' And tempers began rising. She kept five people waiting for an hour, just for her song. My brother was beginning to lose his temper, but he controlled it well. Just when my heart was going 'ditch the bitch, ditch the bitch', and the next thing you know is, they are holding hands again. Aaaah, figured if my brother can tolerate her, then so can I. Women, go figure.

And speaking of women, I made the mistake of underestimating my hormones. Damnit! I seem to have developed a crush on this girl ( I am not going to say who, or somebody gonna get a hurt real bad! ) When my mind is not occupied, she comes into the picture. When I close my eyes to sleep, I see her. But the thing is, when she is near me, I freak out on the inside totally. I see her with my eyes open and closed. Fucking hormones. And no, I am not going to be a lovesick puppy ( like LZW for instance, figure out yourself who that is, or Zhi Wei's not going to be too happy about this )

Anyway, that's enough about my life for now. On to more serious stuff ( like sex maybe? No! )Anyway, check out this picture I had Zhi Wei scanned for me. Besides sending me the pictures, I must have received at least 60 words of *fuck* in every form ( e.g. Fuck, Fucker, Fucking.. )

Point is, check out the 'Super' advertisement down there. The headlines on top states 'Retirement at 85' and the headlines on below states 'Get rich withou trying' ( spelling error there ) Isn't it an irony? Retire at 85, OR get rich without trying? Damn, why work until 85 when you can get rich withou trying?

Now check this out. Also from the same paper, same day. Headlines "Man falls to death in lift shaft". Pity the poor man. Get my drift? They show the picture of the poor deceased, and his relative beside him, and pops that stupid advertisement there. What the fuck is wrong with these people man? NST's getting pretty screwed up recently, what with them getting into trouble over comic strips, and these ads in strange places. Its another strange oxyMORONic case. Man dies, and they go 'Now everyone can get rich'. That made me think up of two stuff. For the living, do they actually mean insurance? And for the dead, do they mean ( for the Chinese anyway ) the living burning paper money offerings ( which goes in 10 billion Underworld currency each note, and we burn many stacks in one go ). Strange ways these people arranges their stuff.

Check this out. This is the last one I have. Now, THIS one is a CONSPIRACY! It said in the headlines 'Malaysia implicated in US probe' and the ad now says 'Rich Strong Instant'. Damn, I sure wouldn't want Malaysia in a Rich Strong and Instant trouble. Taxpayer's money will flow freely away man! And we sure aren't going to make US richer, they are rich enough! Neither are we going to make them stronger, they are strong enough! As for instant, I saw one guy mentioned something about US flushing out pornographic stuff like.. around a thousand a DAY. Now THAT's instant!

Just feeling cynical now.... Heh, hope nobody sues me. I am just a handsome and innocent and ignorant teen who thinks he is so smart ( which he is ) and trying to act smarter than he already is. More updates on school soon.

Side note : Its 1am now, Woot!


Zhi Wei said...

wei. zhi wei's vocabulary of fuck ain't that wide lah ok. hahaha. it still needs work. :P

you're not smart or handsome la. just freaking nuts. psychoooo. :P haha.

oneaisyah said...

hahah ..maybe the editors were trying to get to something ..
u know "Retire at 85" .. and "Get rich without trying" is an indirect way of saying " HELL NO !!" ..haha

and would u two just stop using the F word .. u're influencing me to say F*ck everytime crap happens -__-" ..