Sunday, February 19, 2006

High School Batu Pahat St John

Well well, check out the picture. St John Ambulance board members of High School Batu Pahat. :) We rock! Oh yeah, for those who have not seen the great me, I am the geek on the far right side.
The bent guy is my godbro, Su Kae. From LEFT is Muruga, Zu Da ( another godbro, we all share the surname NG ) Kuo Zhau, Sim, Neoh, Bryan and Me.

Sim is the president, Kuo Zhau the deputy, me the vice. Muruga is the Ketua Disiplin, and his vice is Su Kae. Neoh is the treasurer, and Bryan is the secretary. Zu Da is the auditor, who has the easiest work of all, doing nothing.

Well, enough of criticizing people. Now is the time to brag and boast. High School Batu Pahat St John Ambulance kicks ass! I dare say we are the best uniform body ( with heavy competition with PBSM, PKBM and Scouts ) But of course, we are always the better ones.

High School St John owns a reputation for marching and first aid. And this year, the current board as seen above, we are also very terror when it comes to planning camps, marching competitions, first aid competitions, first aid courses for members, and every kind of activities. Which is why, PKBM has shown interest to recruit us to join their medical branch. :)

However, events have shifted things and shattered relationships, which is of course, sad to say, bad. Currently, we have problems with the Officers of Batu Pahat St John. Of course, nobody wanted the conflict to happen, but we do feel that we have been treated unfairly. Now, the board has split into to sides, with one side supporting the officers, and another side against.

This is a uniform body run by teenagers. Why go political on us? Sometimes I can never understand adults, we are just teens, and the officers are adults. Why do they have to practise favourism and sow discord among members, causing conflicts and the term 'peace' is not recognised?

Well, hoped to solve the problem soon. And for those who want to know what happened, and why, too bad. I don't think I am in the position to tell of the body's problems, but if you really want, email me and I'll consider it, depending on who you are. But, most probably no, I cannot promise.


Anonymous said...

after go through the things u written..i feel tat some word,such as 'kicks ass' shouldnt be written down there coz this may affect some younger children to mimic the words...btw..the website is very bored @.@ i dont know wat actually is trying to be presented by u(leslie)...n writing out ur problems can solve the problems u have now???well...dun take serious of my comments..i'm just trying to say wat i feel after i read through ur 'works'. ^^

Leslie said...

Exactly anonymous! I like the way you comment! Just one question, do you know me personally? If yes, then you don't know me well enough, if no, well, up to you to decide.

And as for profanities and vulgarities, it is exactly the same reason that I added the 'Parental Advisory, Explicit content' sign up there.

And writing about it doesn't solve my problems i know, but it is better than bottling up. I don't want stress and depression to cause me health problems, I want to live longer to enjoy life yet.

And whoever you are, I seriously need more readers like you :)

Mind to tell me who are you?