Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Don't be such hot shit!

Well, back to school again. Sure enough, each day sure is interesting!

This morning started horribly for me. I was chosen as the emcee for the morning assembly, and I realized I didn't know the full name of the new HEM! So, frantically I sought for his name, which to my delight, everybody doesn't know either. Until I found the head prefect anyway..

So, I started assembly as usual. Apparently all the Senior Assistants did not want to give speeches except the HEM. He was the first senior teacher at the assembly, and he wanted to talk. The Coco did not want to, and the Senior Assistant 1 did not want either. So came the principal. When asked, somehow I think he knows the HEM is going to speak! So he said yes and nodded.

And when I was about to announce his name, he chickened out. Damn guy didn't have anything to talk about after all, just didn't want to lose to the new HEM. So I announced the HEM instead, so he went up.

Then, he started ranting about belts. How students wear fashion belts that are not allowed in school. I was right behind him then. Then, the man just suddenly grabbed me and said
'Awak, pergi masuk dalam kalangan pelajar dan cari dua orang yang tak pakai belt yang dibenarkan' So I nodded and was about to go when he grabbed me again 'Cari satu budak form 6' WTF? Bad enough that I have to check the students in that way, how the fuck am I supposed to find 2 idiots with wrong belts?

So searching I went... searching... some guys gave me the omgwtf look and thought i was a pervert for pulling at other people's shirts to look at their ( belt actually, but who knows what the hell are they thinking? Maybe they thought I was looking for a big cock )

So form 6, I didn't want to search them. Some are nice guys, and the nice guys are the ones who break the rules :D

So instead I went to form 5, the behind classes where the majority.. uh.. make that 95% are Malays. Nothing rascist here but the Form 5 Malays ( the ones in the behind classes anyway ) are that kind of jerks you know.. most of them anyway, but if you are on good terms with them, no problem for you. But if you are an asshole, too bad for you.

And I was right. I found two guys together whose belt sucked big time. So I tried to pull them out, but they refused. They feared the punishment. I pleaded, sweared, vowed, fucked oh wait.. dragged, but they refused. Other prefects came to help and told them nicely, but they refused to budge. The bloody HEM had to finish his speech that fast, which was surprising as I thought he was going to mention that he only lives 30 second of travel away from school. In the end I had to jot their names, go up grab the mike and announce their names and ask them to get their sorry asses out.

Well, Assembly only for that part. After school, there was a meeting for all presidents and secretaries of all clubs, uniform bodies and sports with the Guru Penyelaras Koko. No names, but I think you know him very well!

Well, he just wanted two things, one is the scheduled activity for this year which we did last year and he forced himself on us like he wanted to rape everyone, and another is to complete our activity list for last year, with every activity mentioned and the members, details and that sort of shit that can take hours to do. All those can be done in 5 minutes, tell us what you want, and those not involved, we scram. He took 1 hour.



And Why?

Well, he was ranting. He said being leaders, we should learn as much as we can. Learn how to lead, learn how to work that kind of stuff. True, yes I agree.

Well, you know what he said? He said when he was our age, he personally arranged for a trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for his society. Yeah so what? I can do it to. Thing is, he said everything was free omgwtf????? From the airplane tickets to the lodgings and food, everything free. What kind of fucking fools do you take us for? And he said he only brought like RM500 also enough. Damn, come back to this world lar..

And then? He said he only did not manage to get to Europe free of charge. What the fuck.

He also mentioned that he has experienced many stuff, like riding on an ostrich, eaten what exotic meat and bla bla bla. And he mocked at us. 'Ini pengerusi semua pergi zoo, pergi shopping..' Then, he thought for a moment.

"Tapi pergi zoo pun baik lar, lebih baik daripada....."

"Datang sini tengok muka awak" I continued immediately, and Zhi Wei burst into fits of laughter.

Well, he also complained that we did not do our paperworks properly. So I just nonchalantly said 'Macam itu tak payah buat lar! Wahlao eh!' And Zhi Wei laughed again. He must think ELS guys are assholes. Well, we ARE!

Seems like the guys in my school like to make a mess of everything that has been done nicely and then force everybody to clean it up again just to show that they are doing something. Come on lar, make life easier for us. And they like to boast. Some logical ( some, oh wait, make it very rare some ) and the others are all crap.

Get a school like mine, with Anugerah Sekolah Cemerlang and you really really wonder wtf are Malaysians doing in school.

Coming posts I might feature my annoying nieces ( whom I dote lar ) and my eccentric grandma. Wait, I said MIGHT! Remember that!


aisyah said...

hahaha .. can't imagine u going around lifting ppl's shirts just to satisfy ur HEM :P LOLz

haha .. this post rocks :P

umair said...

HAhahaha :D,

Oh, that explain the sudden disappearance of the emcee. I thought you were going on a bathroom break :P...

HS is getting more and more hellish...especially with the 'new' guys