Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well I just watched Underworld on my computer, and just couldn't resist writing a review on it. Yeah I know, I am late a couple of years, but consider it to refresh your memories for the sequel, Underworld : Revolution coming soon :D

Here's the synopsis ( if only I am this hardworking when doing my literature -_- ) : Vampires and Werewolves have been fighting for centuries, with the cause unknown. Then, one young and very very beautiful vampire named Selene ( Kate Beckinsale ) uncovers that the werewolves were following a young man. She then awakens the Vampire Elder, Viktor to seek help because the other vampires did not believe her. Well, whatever your enemy wants, surely it isn't something good to you right? Then the young man is bitten by the lycan Lucian, and is tossed around sides like a volleyball. Then, they fall in love.. Oh yeah, that chap's name is Michael. Then, it turned out he is the direct descendant of Lucian and Viktor's daughter, a hybrid of half-vampire and half-werewolf. Viktor was so scared of him that he wanted to kill Michael, then Selene bit Michael again. Then he transform into a werevampire then they fight. Then Selene took Viktor's sword and sliced his head clean clean into two. Cool! The following is when another Vampire Elder, Marcus wakes up and hunt Selene and Michael I think.

Well, I rate it 8½ out of 10. Kind of expected swords, teeths and whips, instead they mostly used guns and pistols. And the vampires were dressed in a gothic way which appeals to me a lot :D They just look so cool! And Kate Beckinsale looks hot in tights :P Anyway, interesting twist to the story. You see, in the beginning you( or rather, I think ) think that vampires are the good guys somehow, and the werewolves are the bad guys. Then in the end, you find that the werewolves are the good guys and the vampire are the bad guys, but actually they are both not good not bad, just feuding.

Definitely a must-watch! Waiting in anticipation for Underworld : Revolution.

Oh yeah, on a side note : I downloaded the movie via bittorrent into my computer, 750MB at 22 hours. People scolded me for being stupid, why not buy the CD. Well, first, I always leave my computer on, so when not using ( and when using ) why not let the connection do something? And besides, I can never get to use the TV. Its always cartoon lar, soaps lar, news lar, sports lar.. where got time when nobody is watching?

Now I am downloading Gladiator, an even older movie that I wanted to watch long ago. 1.4 GB at 50 hours, wtf? And this time, no, I can't find the CD, not in Batu Pahat. Luckily I have reserved the entire D drive, which is about 20GB in memory for my torrent files and english essays :D

750MB for 2 hours show, 1.4GB makes it 4½ hours omgwtf!!!!


Umair said...

Actually, i've already watched Underworld: Revolution. It's all thanks to the technology of pirating :P . And here's some things that i would like to say about it:
1. Michael ( The werevampire ) is WEAK and SLOW
2. The movie just went off the line ( You'll understand once you watch it)
3. The final fights are usual and pretty much boring
4. Michael is also pretty much useless..
5. Marcus has an awesome body... ( a must see )
6. Marcus is a GENIUS ( You'll see what i mean )

There's alot more but it would take up ALOT of space.. So.. good luck on the download..

Anonymous said...

well..i currently watch Underworld Revolution..this movie is quite nice to watch but the most important is this movie is not suitable 4 children to watch...wat i saw inside was violents n could this movie presents the scene where SEX occurs???...the most important is this movie is too much blood scenes were shown..i cant belive u like this type of movies..oh well...i think i cannot judge a book by its cover..^^

Leslie said...

Seriously anonymous! You noticed I haven't write the review for Underworld Revolution. But yeah, I watched it in the cinemas, and the old man at the Censorship board seriously edited many juicy parts, so don't worry about sex scenes. And the blood scenes, well, it is rather normal actually, if you get used to it...