Monday, February 13, 2006

Assembly Fun

Well well well, maybe I should just dedicate this blog to school life, considering how interesting this year is going to get, what with the teachers transferring, promotion, and all the new guys pouring into my school? I sure get to meet some interesting characters. Okay Okay, You are guessing the Principal again. Half correct. I have a new Teacher of Students Affair! My current ( or maybe ex ) GPK HEM was a great guy, although I did think he was a little bias towards PKBM rather than St John when he was GPK Koko and again when he was HEM. But he is a great guy!

Anyway, the guy to replace the current ( make that ex ) HEM is another interesting guy. With all the interesting guys in school, where else do I need to find stuff for my blog?

Today, February The 13th ( omgwtf unlucky day ) Monday, is officially the last day in school for Mr. Kuswandi, my ex HEM teacher. So, assembly started at 7.30, and a couple of minutes later Mr Kuswandi was invited to give a speech. Sadly, I was too occupied with prefect duties that I id not listen to what he said, but I did hear him say he will give priority to HSBP when he is the head of all HEMs in the Pejabat Pendidikan. Hahaaaaaa, that rocked the new principal's balls. Anything happens now the principal has to report to him now! Few weeks ago he was still ordering and barking orders, now he is scratching his balls and worrying for his ass.

Ok. On to the fiasco. Mr Kuswandi took 20 minutes for his final speech. Considerably long for a speech in assembly, but its the last, so understandable. Then, the emcee invited the new HEM. Not wanting to be out-spoken ( in terms of length ), the new HEM hoped to establish his power and plant fear in students, he talked for 30 minutes. 10 minutes longer than his predessessor, which he smirked and grinned like an asshole after his speech. Well, the students didn't exactly like his face. So, when he first gave signs of finishing, everybody clapped and howled like in the concert so that he has no chance to continue his rant. But, well, as I said, he is just an asshole, and assholes don't do what other people wants. So he continued his speech. 30 minutes long for a FIRST speech, quite ( but not that much ) understandable.

20 minutes + 30 minutes = 50 minutes. Add together the formalities you get another 10 minutes. The time was around 8.25 already. Then, the principal is summoned to give his speech.
Not wanting to be out-talked by both teachers, he talked for 35 minutes. Hey damn old geezers timed their speech properly!

Again, I did not listen to him. In fact, I did not listen to any teachers who spoke at all. But coming from this principal, I would suppose half of them are rubbish and another half the very obvious.

By the time he finished his speech, it was 9.10. Then, we have to line up outside the hall all the way to the office to shake hands for the last time with Mr. Kuswandi. By the time everything was done, 9.45. Recess for the prefects!

Well, funny thing for the students. They all went back to class. Sat down for 3 minutes, and its recess. For the ones who climbed four storeys just to get back to class, too bad.

More fun with assemblies coming soon. There is no need for prediction. I know it. We have two old man who can really talk now, and the competitive spirit is there, need i say more?


Umair said...

Hahahah!! damn la (no pun intended) :D, Leslie, Leslie, you never fail to make me laugh....On the second thought, you never fail to make 'everyone' laugh!

herm, are you aware that the 'new' HEM is the husband of one of our debate teacher (and it's neither Puan Suzy or Miss Loh)...

oneaisyah said...

LOL .. I thought only female teachers love to yak :P lolz