Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wish come true? Uncanny!

Well, talk about ironies. It is uncanny the way things run. Most of you don't realise it, but i envy those bloggers who can put photos in their blogs. I want to do so as well! So i began wishing during one lonely night long long ago ( like, last year?) Gimme a scanner, gimme a scanner!!!!!

Today, my wish came true. Literally.

My aunt asked me to tidy up the basement, which i made it into my lair. What a mess! Omfg, it was such a mess that i took one look and procrastinated the job. But, somehow, i didn't. I think i would have procrastinated anyway even if it was clean.

Anyway, as i was tidying up my books, my aunt came down, pointed to a box underneath my nose, and said "Any idea who wants this scanner? It's been here a long time."

Wtf? Under my nose and i didn't realise it. Of course, i yelled "ME!" immediately after regainng my senses. She said ok, provided i learn how to use it and how to install it and how to fix it without crashing my computer, which sadly recently is diagnosed with acute Alzheimers. Well, it always jams after i connect to streamyx, all the processes come to a standstill, and CTRL ALT DEL showed no response. Only after like a few minutes will the computer 'remember' what it had to do, and everything pops up at once. Talk about computers dominating humans, they even get our diseases now!

Anyway, glad that i have a scanner now. Anybody handy with a scanner? Go ahead and teach me.

Know what? Now i am wishing for a digital camera of my own, and this time, i keep my eyes peeled!


oneaisyah said...

hey ! santa left ur present at the wrong place ! not under d xmas tree .but in the basement ! lol

neway ,what model is it? maybe i can help u out =)

and digicam is getting cheaper nowadays , u can get one at RM300+
..and since chinese new year is coming... hmm..red packets ;)

Leslie said...

300 BUCKS???? Siao ar? I rather have one appear under my nose :P
Anyway, the model of the scanner is HP Scanjet 4s

Anonymous-HSBP said...

Herm, my sis did bought a digi cam at rm399... it 'was' a promotion. Buy it and process bout' 200-400 (cant remember ) photo for free. Well, not entirely free, you have to like pay rm15 for each process you make.. well, 200-400 for rm15 'is' a steal...