Friday, January 13, 2006

Bad Guys!

For this post, I am featuring a flash movie that is my favourite! Initially, I joined Newgrounds ( ) when I was fascinated by flash, and I came across this cartoon, Bad Guys! by Chris Nosal, who is from Michigan.
Anyway, Chris here, is a genius. He is great in making accents ( Swedish I think ) and jokes. Want some juicy examples?

Like, in Bad Guys Go To Hell
"I died in a freak accident involving foodstuff explosives. I totally mixed lemons and grenades, i made lemonades."
Another example, which is in fact, the following line. " But what really killed me was turducken. You know, turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken. You won't believe the sound it makes when it explodes." *silence* "You wanna know what sound it makes when it explodes? It goes *whole screen* 'KERFUCKEN!'"

Seriously, he cracks me up. Yeah, I am including the short URLs here. Check out these flashes if you feel like it, but make sure you have the latest flash player installed though ( takes a minute if you have fast connections like broadband ) . Just click on the icon or the underlined 'Watch this movie!' to watch it. It pops up in a new window and will begin loading. I suggest turning subtitles on for those who are not familiar with the accent, some words sound a bit vague.

Bad Guys Episode 1 :

Bad Guys Episode 2, Appeasing The Gods ( This is really funny ) :

Bad Guys Episode 3, Battered Monsters :

Bad Guys Episode 4, Bad Guys go to Hell :

Bad Guys Episode 5, Down at Juice Bar ( This is uncrude and softer jokes, that is provided you get it. Hint : Sounds stupid, but makes sense. WHAT CAN BE MORE FANCY THAN POTATO JUICE? ) :

And his personal website, :

Oh yeah, while you are in, feel free to explore other flash movies too! ( But, avoid the adult section. Somehow not surprising, that is the most popular sites :P ) It's easy, you might even want to sign up and be a member yourself. Up to you. There are 8 buttons up there, flash portal, games, series etc etc. For series & genre, try and find 'Badlands'. That guy, Edmund, is a great chap. Badlands rocks! Bad Guys rocks!

And oh yeah, the picture up there is my current desktop wallpaper :D

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oneaisyah said...

i know this comment is non-related to ur post but .. *gasp* Friday 13th !!

'BadGuys' rulez !!