Tuesday, January 17, 2006

School life....

Today I got really freaked out in school. I mean, REALLY REALLY freaked out. First, i was ALMOST late, which thankfully i wasn't, ran up eight flights of stairs to brief Zhi Wei on how to be emcee for assembly, then covered his prefect duties, and joined the assembly feeling pissed and SWEATING ALREADY! 7am and my shirt is soaked! And the prospect of the entire day, from 6am to 6pm without any time to go home and have any real rest, it just really depresses me. What's more, I have physical ed two periods before recess, and sports practice after school. Physical Ed. was just torturous to non-athletic students like me and Zhi Wei :D

Anyway, the school hours went by reeeeeeeeaaaaalllly slowly. The absense of cute form 6 girls didn't help either, only a few are worth looking, and you get bored of 'just looking' soon. Just joking. Anyway ( again ) school hours went slowly, problems all the time, and i am seriously lagging behind in my school work. Why? I DON'T GET TO GO HOME until at night! Well, at night I am too pooped to actually do any homework, but somehow i managed to complete the urgent ones anyway.

Speaking of sports practice, i was elected as treasurer for my sports house. At first, it did sounded nice, a treasurer, marks for co-co, and finally able to fill up the ever empty 'sukan' section. What the hell, it was nice until the work actually began. RM 5 sports tax for all students, you would think of the fortune i amassed in a day. I calculated the number of students and multiplied by 5, i get a four figure wealth. Wealth that doesn't belong to me, but is in my hands. Nothing cooler than that. Especially after sports practice, what if someone robs me, or just snatches my wallet, or picks my pocket? I surely couldn't afford to pay back >.<

Just a problem i am facing now, i mean this minute, as i am typing. I have many urgent homework. I left my books in school.


oneaisyah said...

lol ..reminds me of my form 5 life :P
glad that's over :D hehe ..

I'm sure you'll get through everything just fine ;)

ganbatte ne !

Anonymous-HSBP said...

Herm, reminds me of me when i'm in form 2. I 'am' a tresurer myself. Yes, the money and all that are nice but the collecting part is a problem. Especially the last-minute ones... They're trouble on the rear... I dont about your batch but my batch forced me to go from class to class. And you know what, the teacher didnt even give me a namelist. So, i've to like, find the 'real' member and write his name and then force him to cough up his money...