Saturday, January 07, 2006


Well, i am sure 9 out of 10 youths are on friendster now. Seems every Tom, Dick, and Harry has heard of friendster. If you are the one out of ten not in friendster, it's just sad. Anyway, friendster was a brilliant idea when i first heard of it. What better way to stay in contact with friends, even after parting for college, migration, or whatever the reasons? Yes, Friendster was great!

But, seems like many people are abusing friendster's free service. You be friends, you make friends. But, does having a list of 1000 or 3000 friends really gives one satisfaction? It seems pretty sad for me. Have you ever asked ourself, how many do I actually know personally, met somewhere because of Friendster, or actually know their true name instead of the nick in friendster. It's like an empty shell, are you really lacking friends? This case happens especially in girl users. I don't know why, maybe they just liked the idea of making 'friends' like its a race to see who has the most friends in their list. Yeah sure, some have added me as well. I know them, but i doubt they actually know me. I walk pass them in shopping malls, and they don't even give me a second glance. Proof that they don't know me :D Not that i am vain or wishing to be noticed, I sure get enough notice! I am sure many like me noticed the problems. Why is why hate bulletins as i call it appear every often now.

Speaking of bulletins, it has become a trend to start chain bulletins. Seems a certain Mr. Allen Smith is the CEO or Webmaster for Yahoo, Google, Friendster, and Hotmail. 'Friendster is closing down!' 'Hotmail is going down!' 'Yahoo bankrupt!' 'Google sold off to Bill Gates!' all under the name of Mr. Allen Smith, forward it so that we won't ( yeah, as if we won't, but we promise anyway so you would be stupid enough to forward it ) delete your account because we know you are using it if you forward it. And if each curse in the bulletins were true, i would be dead a thousand times over, broke up countless times with an imaginary girlfriend, and every family member slaughtered ten times. But, here I stand, or rather sit, here in front of my monitor, typing away happily assaulting the poor fools ;) Sometimes, even the hate bulletins become the chainmail. Omg, that's really bad. They usually begin, ranting about racing friends list ( which i just did ), chain bulletins ( which i just did ), and such and such, and in the end? There i see it. 'Repost this if you agree with me'. Point given. And the best part is, it's all anonymous, nobody knows who started them. So, perfect for abuse! Normally i wouldn't mind bulletins by friends to inform stuff, or funny quizzes, or jokes. But now i even find surveys done and posted to be annoying. The surveys just ask some freaking questions like 'What are you wearing now?' or 'What did you last eat?' Is that lame or is that lame?

Heh, I guess people just like to be fanatics in their own ways. Some people in friendster, well, they are just too pathetic. Well, why? Why indeed. Some of them, when I am profile-surfing, i saw, 'WOW! Omg 50 pictures! This got to be good! Every side captured!' And then? All almost identical close-ups of them acting cute, making every kind of face imaginable. Even if it's a typical chio bu, also too much already lar. Sometimes I actually thought people are becoming stupid in every sense, sold their souls to cliches and their minds to trends. Then there are some who post some other people's ( usually damn hot chicks ) photos, those found on the net, dogs and cats found from the net, boys showing their middle finger, found from the net, anything but their own. Sometimes i even find porn pictures =.=" Look, if you are ugly, or you think you are ugly, nobody's going to slam it in your face and say 'You are a freak! Only cute or handsome people can put their own photos in Friendster!' Heh, guess only cynics like me actually feel pissed because of friendster.

But, allow me to complete my incessant grumbles. I just need to get it off my chest somewhere, ain't healthy bottling it up. Heck, can't even sell it even if i can bottle it. And, there are some accounts that makes me go 'OMG WTF?' Oh yeah, they are those 'cute clubs' clubs where only cute people can join. Look, if looks are that precious, you will be mined like gold in the Gold Rush last time. Biologically speaking, we live to reproduce. To heck with looks ( though looks are important to attract mates ). I never actually saw an elephant or a horse choosing its mate. Humans are mammals too, but we subject ourselves to steroetypical thoughts. Well, there's more. Some people are just vain. Yeah, vain. They created multiple accounts after theirs is full. Omg, let's say Ali has 4 accounts full. Then he creates a new account under the name 'Ali Fan Club!' 'Thank you for supporting me so! Join my fanclub! I will ignore every message and approve every testimonial you send me! I am so handsome and nice!'

Sounds familiar? I will finish this post with a quote.

"Sometimes I think the surest sign of extraterrestrial intelligence is that none of it has ever tried to contact us " - Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson.


Zhi Wei said...

wwaahahaa... damn right... friendster can be pretty tiresome and ridiculous that way... love the ending quote! C&H ROCKS!

oneaisyah said...

i can't agree more :P hah .. and i dun think most of the 'frendsterians' got the definition of "testimonial" correct too anyway ..if u know what i mean (cut n paste stuffs)

Leslie said...

Yeah, i forgot about that lol

Infectioner said...

I find that your opinion about Friendster is as same as mine! Howdy brader! ^.^

hope to know you better!