Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bells are for fun

Consider me a pissed dude. Not meaning I had already been to the toilet, but a very frustrated dude. Tuesdays are what I dread this year, Physical Ed in the morning, meeting after school and then straight to sports practice. No time for lunch, gobbled breakfast so as not to be late for prefect duties, its a wonder I don't get gastronomical problems.

Anyway, the real stuff began when I reached home. Remember I lost my house keys, no keys to get into the house! My cousin's car is parked outside the house, my uncle's motorcycle is parked in the front part of the house, and my grandmother can't possibly be partying in 2000 ( That's a local disco ). Everybody is at home, yet nobody came to answer the door. I yelled and yelled, and pressed the doorbell and I find myself in a funny situation. So near to home, yet so far. So I proceeded to find a public phone behind my house. Found 20 cents, put it in the slot. It wrote 'Sila Dail', so I pressed the number '43..' just two digits, then it showed 'Tak ada kredit, terima kasih.' and that was it. I was like, wtf? Anyway, figured its 10 cents to press a number, I searched and found 50 cents. If its true, then I can only get as far as 5 digits.

Dialed my house number again '4385...' and got through! My cousin-in-law answered, but she can't hear me. So she hung up. I was like, wtf? again. So I dialed again. She answered again. I shouted through the phone 'OPEN THE DOOR!' and she finally heard it. Finally entrance into home.

Went in, I found my grandmother relaxing in her chair in her room. I asked her, 'I pressed the doorbell and yelled so many times, why didn't go and check?'

Her reply? "I didn't know who, so didn't bother."

So, I was really pissed. Bathed and began cooking up some funny stuff to write in my blog here. I came up with some poems that doesn't make sense, yet tells of my ordeal. Here goes..

I came home from school,
Feeling very much tired,
I saw the doorbell,
Paid it no heed and proceeded.

I realized I lost my keys,
Denied entry into home,
I saw a couple of monkeys,
Their presence an annoyance.

I went to press the doorbell,
The sun is setting to its daily slumber,
Everything was like Hell,
I felt like a cucumber!

Bells are for fun!
They are put to be ignored,
Especially when there's no sun!
Salesman, donators and beggars are chased.

And hark! I found an idea,
And strode to the door,
Feeling confident with the idea,
I spread my hands like a boor.

Open sesame! Open sesame!
I cried in my loudest voice,
The door did not budge!
I felt stupider than a porpoise.

A phone call it shall be,
My little mind thought,
Walked some distance,
Came upon a phone that cannot be bought!

Salvation, at long last!
Salivating in anticipation,
I dialed the digit,
And the phone hung up without appreciation!

Remember that it's not supposed to make sense. Have a good laugh, though I am actually feeling a little lazy to finish the boring saga. So there :D A stupid rhyme-ing poem that doesn't make sense. Look, I know its lame, but I am not a poet like Zhi Wei, so just sit back and look at it in a humorous way.


Umair said...

What a unique life you have... :P

And oh, I love the poem... really...

Especially this one:

Open sesame! Open sesame!
I cried in my loudest voice,
The door did not budge!
I felt stupider than a porpoise.


oneaisyah said...



thanks for making my day :D

i noticed something , u always have problems with telephones :P lol

Zhi Wei said...

hey anything beats a certain poem (if I can call it that) which starts with "upon the leaze I wander.." :P

Anonymous said...

I suspect she was just too damned lazy to get her butt out of the chair and didn't want to admit it.