Saturday, January 21, 2006

School Blues

School School School. Is there no end to it? It's enough that we have boring and totally pointless subjects forced on us, we have to endure the narrow mindedness and the ways of teachers and principals?

Well, for starters, my school had a gotong-royong activity today. The schedule was set at 7.15 until 1.15. In the end? We started at 8 because some big balled fuck is late for assembly. And then, they divided the students according to uniform bodies and classes, GENEROUSLY. We have so many people doing one task, that they could actually tell us 'Peralatan tak cukup, cari sendiri' and ended up with so many spectators watching the others paint pillars. It's a lucky thing they didn't go 'OMG WTF! LOOK AT THE WAY HE PAINTS THE PILLARS! WHAT GRACE! WHAT STYLE!' bah, just a little sick joke :D

And then? At around 9, they announced over the P.A system, 'free drinks in canteen', then all the students rushed over to the canteen like they had been stuck in a desert for days and found water. Then, they announced on the P.A again, ' Tak boleh minum, rehat pukul 10'. WTF?

Recess at 10, after that, me and Zhi Wei and Christopher went back to class. There, we wasted time until 1 o clock. Is that lame or is that lame? That's like 3 hours and half.. I could finish two parts of Tash Aw's Harmony Silk Factory in that time. But instead, we slept in the class. Hoo boy, what joy! I GET TO SLEEP IN CLASS!!!!!

Then, finally at 1.25, everyone gathered at the school hall. And that big balled sick nut was invited to give a speech. Guess what he said?

He scratched his balls ( Kennysia's style lol ) and began complaining. Students are using the going-to-toilet excuse to get away from his bloody speeches during assembly. Then, he began saying the toilet is a place for jins, and anyone who visits the toilet so often is collaborating with the jins. Is he a sick nut or what? I did asked Zhi Wei, ' WHERE THE HELL DO WE SHIT THEN?'

Seriously, that big balled nut is a psycho. Joy to have him around school for my last year. I hope someone burns his car and strangles him soon.

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oneaisyah said...

i know what's the perfect gift for his retirement day . maybe you ,zhi wei and all ur classmates could collect some money and get him a therapy :D lol