Sunday, January 08, 2006

Whacky phone calls!

Ever had those wacky phone calls that gets you so worked up? After putting down the phone you wonder whether you were on 'Gotcha!' or something, and that conversation was put on air on radio stations, or whether there was a camera hidden somewhere to film your expression.

Yes, you guessed correctly! I did not experienced those phone calls at all before. The point here is, well, that's entirely another point. Back to the point. I am featuring phone calls in this post, what I actually experienced.

First and foremost is this, most vivid in my memory. 7am in my old grandmother's house ( which sadly has been sold off together with the plot of old family land and demolished already. For Batu Pahat-ians, the address is Jalan Mohd Salleh, right opposite Futuna Restaurant ), with me snoozing happily away, then the phone rang. My aunt was out, and my grandmother usually ignores phone calls no matter how urgent they sound. Of course, it woke me up, dragged myself out from bed, and answered the phone. I listened, and identified the caller as my cousin, Hua An, or rather we call him An An or An. It's in chinese, but my pinyin is horibble, so i may as well translate everything.

An : Wei?

Me : Walao eh!? You siao ah? An? Now only 7am you call for what? I want sleep eh ler!

An : Har?

Me : Har what har?

An : Where is the place I am calling?


An : Har?

Me : Grrrr......

An : I want to speak to my father.

Me : Your father? Siao ah? Wrong number lar!

An : Oh, sorry ar.

Me : *slams the phone and goes back to sleep*

Grandma : Tiang lai eh? ( who is that? )

Me : Kar salah tian wei! ( wrong number )

Grandma : *confused, couldn't work out the logic* 'gives me the wtf? look'

Me : *goes back to sleep*

Then i woke up laughing. LoL, I was 13 that time i think, can't remember the date, but I remember the phone call.

Another one is this, I was even younger that time. My sister was going form 4, and she is 8 years older than me. Go figure.

Jie : Di ar! Go call mummy's friend, that Andrew. Ask him his old form 4 text books still there or not, can give me?

Me : oh oh! Can Can!

Jie : Nah, call this number.

Me : *dials number* Hewwow?

Aunty : Hello? Yaya? Simik taichi?

Me : Andrew there or not?

Aunty : Wait ar wait ar... ANDREW AR!

Me : *whispers* walao eh, so loud ar?

Andrew : Hello? Hello? Who's there?

Me : Hello? Andrew ar?

Andrew : Ah, ah, yaya, what what?

Me : Aiyo, your mother call you so loud wan ar?

Andrew : Yalor, paiseh, hehe. Simik taichi? (what's the matter? )

Me : Ei, my sister hor, ask me ask you whether your old form 4 text books still there or not?

Andrew : Ya, still here.

Me : Can give her or not?

Andrew : Wait, who are you?

Me : Arh? Leslie lar!

Andrew : Salah nombor lar! *hangs up*

Me : *scratches head* stunned silence.

Jie : Wei! Got or not?

Me : He say salah nombor wor...

Jie : *gives me the wtf? look* Talk so long only say salah nombor ar? You siao ar? Talk to salah nombor de person for so long

Me : Mana saya tahu....

Don't ask me. I never did figure out what actually happened. But this was more or less what happened. I really was like, wtf? is going on here?

And this, the latest. Form 3 life. I was arranging some plans, can't remember what. But, it involved Bryan, my friend. He was supposed to come my house or something, but I remember that he has to come to me. And I was pissed at him for not being able to give me a confirmed answer, always 'Not sure' or 'I don't know!' So, after science tuition, I was in my cousin's car going back to his house ( I stay with him since Form 3 until now, he asked me, my aunt and grandma to move in with him in his new house, which resulted in the old house being sold )

Me : *Dials Bryan's number* *tuu-tuu*

*click! Hello?*


Bryan's Dad : Hello? *shocked* Wha what? Leslie is it?

Me : *GASP!* EEeeerr, yaya. Uncle, can I speak to Bryan please?

My Cousin : *Laughing his head off*

Bryan's Dad : Sure, no problem. Oi, Bloody fool! Your call.

Me : *Omg wtf shit*

My Cousin : *Driving while laughing his pants off him*

Bryan answered the call, I said 'Shit!' and well, we talked about our stuff. But I could tell Bryan's Dad was.. surprised at my call. I still feel like an asshole until today, but then, I got over it. Asshole shall I be! 3 phone calls in my life, which shall forever be etched in my memory. If I forget, well, there always is this blog :)

I swear this actually happened, and I tried to be accurate as possible. After all, who remembers what he/she said in a phone call?

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oneaisyah said...

u should definitely avoid working as a phone operator ..both part-time AND full-time's for ur own good :o)