Sunday, January 08, 2006


May as well blog while I have the time. Heck, it's Sunday! And it's raining!

This is more serious thinking stuff. I still remember my old Barber, old Robert. RM3 haircut, done in 3 minutes. I go in with any style of haircut, comes out always the same old nerdy student look. He knows what my school wants, and he delivers it.. in 3 minutes.

Well, this post's theme is not barbers. I done that in my old friendster blog, check it out if you want, It's under 'Professionalism' post.

Anyway, in Robert's little shop, he fitted two large mirrors in the front and back. Mirrors so large that it went from close-to-the-side wall, from one end to another end. Front and back.

Result? It created mirror for his customers to see front and back of his work. Pretty stroke of genius there. What I noticed was, when i sit down for my haircut, and peered into the mirror, I see me staring back, then the back of my head behind 'me staring back', and 'me staring back' behind 'the back of my head', and so on and so on. Front and back front and back, infinite times.
I turn back, and I see the same thing.

I never really gave it much thought. But it remained in my memory. Robert moved, but the sight into the mirror never did fade from what I remember. Questions pop into my mind recently.

What if, each reflection i see into the mirror is not a reflection at all? It's another me in another world having his hair cut at exactly the same time? Each reflection shows a me in another world, none of it is actually a reflection.

What if, I am a reflection instead?

Or what if, all of us are actually reflections, reflections of me are reflections, I am reflections?

Scientifically saying, They are reflections. But, sometimes science also fail to produce a satisfying answer to questions. Some things just cannot be answered, just like the questions. They give me an eerie feeling. The world revolves in a strange way.

'When will my reflection show who I am inside?' - Reflection, the song. Mariah Carey I think, lazy to find out.


oneaisyah said...

kinda freaky come to think of it :|

btw , u stole my life motto !!
-part of life is to annoy people-
hahaha .. jk

Anonymous-HSBP said...

You know, i remember thinking the exact 'theory' you made when i was in form 1 or form 2 (cant remember lah..). After i started thinking it, i didnt dare myself to look at the mirror for about erm.. a day or two... gives me the creeps... At that time, i was thinking "What if it move by itself". But bah, i put myself together and dared to look at the mirror... And hey, i can comb my hair again...