Saturday, January 07, 2006

The birth of this blog

Exactly at 2.25pm ( Malaysian time ) dated 7th January 2006, this blog was created. Well, i had a hard time thinking of the name, the title and all, and this site pretty much is still an infant site, lacking many stuff. But until I can actually understand how to add them, well, wait for it. Anyway, i was blogging on friendster's free blog service, and found their service sucks, so i shifted here. Well, time to get started.

Being a 17 year old in Malaysia, I can't really find much time to update or create posts. I am facing a major exam this year, so most of the time is going to be spent studying and procrastinating. So there, time and tide waits for no man, but we have an unlimited supply of time and tide, so who cares?

Expect not much from this blog though. I will be posting my school essays, my self written stories, thoughts and all. Feel free to comment though, sometimes I need to know there are people actually reading it. Until then, adios


star said...

i haven't been on this site for that long but i find it hard to know if your voice is being heard or not, so i am here to make a deal w/ you (as long as we can keep each other interested that is) you come and visit me and i will do the same... deal?

Leslie said...

Omg, you are sure fast, this blog is like.. 15 minutes old.. Haha, well its nice to meet you, and sure, I'll check out your blog every now and then. Don't make it sound like a business deal though, I can't stand the formalities.

Zhi Wei said...

hey dude! haha... love the line "part of life is to annoy people"! hahahaa.

oneaisyah said...

nice blog :)