Thursday, March 09, 2006

Random Musings...

Sometimes the fleeting life feels empty. But then, perhaps that's what a normal teenager would feel, and I never feel it that way. Anything but normal for me.

We concern ourselves with mostly short-termed problems. Work, money, sex, love... How long would they last? In your entire lifetime. And exactly how long is your life? Very short I suppose.

What is a hundred years to the never stopping world of time? The Universe is so vast that we cannot even begin to properly explore it. And here we are, specks of dust complaining about our own lives, and seldom seeking the solution. Complains yes, thinking no. Mostly people are just too lazy to find a way out. The believe is held that everything will sort out by itself, and all you have to do? Annoy people and complaint incessantly.

Exactly, why don't some of us try to do something that can have a long term benefit? Because once you die, all your struggles are forgotten if they do not influence the younger generation's life. We study history so much, how many actually remembers what they studied when they are 40? Yet, the struggles of those who opposed the conquerers is slowly fading away, but it made a difference. Their efforts are remembered, and like ripples of water that is produced when something falls into the water, they fade eventually. But they last longer.

Oh wait, since time is infinite. Why bother? Is getting straight As in examinations that important? Is getting a girlfriend/boyfriend so important? Questions questions. Easily asked. Takes the Earth's lifetime and no answer can be produced. Who can claim they have seen God? And who can claim that what they do is the most important thing in the world?

The wheel weaves as the wheel turns - Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time. According to him, time and universe is like a wheel. It moves in a cycle, where things eventually repeat themselves. Perhaps after a million years we can find the exact person with the exact genes living as the one we can find now.. uhh... for example... take me. I am living now. But when I die, I am forgotten very soon, unless I do something that can really shift Earth's routine of spinning and rotating. Even then, after a thousand years, my name will be lost and I will be labelled as 'Ancient Men'.
And in a million years, perhaps you can find my clone, produced by natural means.

So people, try and make your life significant. Be like a pebble that falls into the pond. The pebble is soon swallowed and forgotten as it lays at the bottom of the pond, but the ripple can be felt for some time yet. If everybody is like a pebble, then a chain would exist.

I believe that the Earth has a natural regeneration process. We can pollute and destroy everything, until it rages out of control and wipes life out of the surface of earth. Then, the regeneration process would begin. Of course, there will always be survivors. A cluster of unicellular organisms maybe? Then, evolution will take place slowly, as Earth heals itself. Just like a wheel. Unless you can prove that there is a God who can heal the Earth instantaneously, I am remaining agnostic.


Zhi Wei said...

omg i'm so not used to leslie being serious I'm getting a brain shock right now!!! .. haha. no lah. it's just your "impeccable" grammar. :P hahaha. kidding.

I like the pebble analogy. Very creative.

and no I wasn't kidding, lah. There are really some obvious grammar mistakes (and spelling :P). not that YOU care lah. :P just satisfying my need to correct you. HAhahaa. :P

Leslie said...

Like I care anyway haha... anyway, wrote this yesterday, when I was sick. Freaking sick. Will edit it when I am back from camping.. will try to get pictures :D

umair said...

My, my... first time seeing you writing like this... kinda cool though... It kinda remind me of someone.. Yeah, I can see the similarities..

Herm, nonesense right?.. well, just forger about it since nature will just repeat this comment somehow, somewhere and sometime... :P

oneaisyah said...

wow .. and all these while I thought you only think of senseless , twisted things :P .. haha ..kidding ;)

..yea ,we always focus too much on life trivialties .. but then again , isn't life itself is made of small , little , seemingly "unimportant" things ?

Infectioner said...

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