Friday, March 17, 2006

Annual Camping...

Tradition of HSBP St John demands at least one camp is done in school annually. And so we did, planned everything in two weeks, and got so busy that we skipped half the classes ( well, we meaning me and the president )

Partly, I feel sort of pissed off. Out of ten members of the board, and thirteen urus setia, only three or four were doing any actual work. The others just wanted to have fun without doing any work. But then, dah biasa dah.

We impressed the PKBM further, or at least I think. Now they are requesting a joint camp. No way man, busy enough already.

Anyway, for year 2006, the camp was held from 10th March to 12th March. We had a bit of support problem, as we aimed at least 65 participants. Only 50 turned up, so far so good.

Well, don't want to talk too much about the planning. On with the camp! :D

Day One
Registration starts at 6.30pm. Had school in the morning until 12, and I had to chair a debate match at 3, so I went home after school and came out again at 2 o clock, went to the local shopping complex and spent RM100 on water guns. Four freaking huge, and four water pistols. Four water rifles and four water pistols costs me RM100. What the hell? And the salesgirl there was trying to sell me their best water uhh.. CANNON. One water cannon for RM100, I wanted. It was beautiful. Everything was beautiful, enough force to knock one backwards, simply beautiful. Only the price was not that beautiful. Well, let the soaking begin! Shall not talk about the debate. At 5.00pm, I went off to a nearby cyber cafe with Muruga and Meng Kiat, and proceeded to slaughter both of them in Defense of the Ancients ( DotA ) Warcraft III. Then we rushed back to school, and began assembling the present members.

We were pretty fierce and playful just then. Imagine four urus setia ( Me, Sim the president, Su Kae the assistant camp commander, and Muruga the Camp commander ) each holding the water rifle, filled and ready to soak. Many members were intimidated on the spot. Who would want to get wet before the camp officially began? A couple of parents remained and watched their precious kid in form one for sometime. 'What? Sleeping in the open? Why don't you all borrow camps? Why not this? Why not that?' Seriously, we tried borrowing camps from everywhere, but apparently there was another large scaled camp in Ayer Hitam or something, and all the tents went over that side. So, no choice, had to sleep in the reading station. Awesome!

First night wasn't that exciting, mainly the programmes were Ice Breaking and Teamwork building activities. At 10 o clock, we played games. Members were divided into five groups, that's where they have to stick to each other for two nights and two days. I walked around with my rifle filled, and unfortunately, my rifle seems to be faulty at that time. I keep 'accidentally' soaking members who weren't that enthusiastic or wasn't actually participating. That, we don't want. Everybody do their part!

Parents arrived at a fixed schedule for the first night. 'My son this, my son that, pass this to him, where is him?' God, pretty irritating. THIS IS A BLOODY CAMP! If parents come all the time, what kind of freaking camp is this? God...

Day Two
Let's begin at 12.01 am. Everyone gathered in a classroom with the lights off, and two urus setia told creepy ghost stories. Just to scare them before they sleep. Members then were told to go and sleep. Some brought sleeping bags, others had to cover themselves with a blanket and lie down on the hard mats we provided. Roughing it out indeed. Urus setias were not supposed to sleep, but we took a nap anyway. Camp commander must not sleep, but he was always snoring away. Well, what the hell.

2.30am. We woke up four boys. Naughty ones who are on our blacklist. Four guys, two carrying rifles escorted them to the middle of the field. They were zombies anyway, practically walking while sleeping. ( Four of them were Kuek Yang Xuan, Ng Keruey, Gan Jin Wei and Tan Jun Yong ) I intended to wet them, but my godbro, Su Kae said no. He had a better idea.

'Sing Negaraku until you wake up all the others. Make it loud, very loud.' BRILLIANT!

So all of them tried to sing until all of their friends woke up. Only a couple woke up, and they were singing real loud. Sleeping like logs, they were. Pigs. Best part was, Keruey did not know the lyrics to the national anthem. Shame, Form Three already. So I soaked him. Then, we got the four of them to sing together, and sing 'Happy Birthday' to our ex pengerusi of two years ago, Yew Ping who specially came back from TARC just to look around. Then, back to sleep for them.

3.30am. Woke up all the members. The night activity was Solo Camping. That's when we tie their shirts around their eyes, blindfolding them and place them in random spots in the school, Alone. Of before that, we twist and turn and spin them around to disorient them. Some of them know the school too well. Tough luck for any who trip over drains.

So, I placed them quite close to each other, and whispered "I go and place your friends, and I am going to leave you alone now. Don't make any sound, and don't take off your blindfold, or you might disturb something. Something. I go now."

After placing all of them, it's time for fun. "Eh?? Where is Ming Liang? I put him here? SHIT!!! MISSING SO FAST??" I yelled. For real. He went missing immediately. Freaked me out for a couple of seconds, and I wasn't playing the fool. Appears that Muruga took him elsewhere, without my knowledge. Just as well, freak out the members who heard me.

Took torchlights and went around disturbing them. Knock the torchlight against an iron pole or something in an eerie rhythm. ( Tong..... Tong.... Tong.... Tong.... ) And Kay Pau was singing a Japanese song, or howling. Sounded more like howling. Form One members were so scared some almost fainted on the spot. Form Two onwards, well, no effect on them. They know the game already. So, I concentrated on the Form Ones. Went to the ice box and took out an ice cube. Held it in my hand and creeped towards one boy. Then, I let my ice cold hands stroke his lightly. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He yelled and took off his blindfold. =.=" Now he missed out all the fun.

So I went over to other form Ones. One guy was sitting on a chair. So I went close and stroked his hand with my ice cold hand ( Muahahah ). He began hyperventilating. Don't know is he stim or scared. Scared I suppose, who would actually stim when touched by an icy hand while blindfolded at 4am? Heh, freaked him out real good.

Then I went over to the Volcano Pond. WHAT THE HELL??? This guy actually fainted there. He lay sprawled, with his hands and legs wide open, spelling the Chinese word 'big' ( TA.. or DA, whichever, my Chinese sucks ) I went and caressed his hand with my Icy Hand ( Muaahahaha ). No reaction. =.=" Sound asleep. Form One boy somemore.

Then, my godbro called out loudly. 'Semua Urus setia pergi tidor!!!!!' Then we all went back and stayed there for ten minutes. Then started disturbing again.

I grabbed my rifle and went off. I saw.. Keruey or Cayjiann, whichever. Bloody twins were almost identical ( But I can manage to tell them apart ) during daytime. Night time? You tell me. They even have the same voice.

I tried the Icy Cold hands on him ( Muahahahaha! ) He laughed. =.=""""" Then, I took a piece of cloth and gently swing it over his head. He laughed again =.="""""". Feeling irritated, I took the torch light and banged the iron stand. ( Tong.... Tong.... Tong.... Tong.... ) HE LAUGHED AGAIN! I was so fed up, I grabbed my rifle and soaked him. heh..

Gathered them at 5.30am. Half were already dead tired, another half fully awake. Smart guy would sleep during solo camping. Especially Form Ones. Only a couple were unafraid. Hehe, but that's the point of the game. Freak them out real good, that would teach them not to be scared of the unseen.

Told to go and sleep, the members were. Then at 6.30am, we woke them up again. LOL. Morning exercise drill. Kay Pau drilled them real good. Run around the field ( 300m per round ) do push ups, this and that. Until 7.30am. That's when I woke up :D Then it's breakfast!

After breakfast was their own free time. Bath, sleep, whatever they want, as long as its in groups. One guy has a stomach ache, everyone in the group must have stomach aches, or else.... hehehhehehehehehe. Then, Telematch! That's when Urus setias think of sadistic missions that require them to think and act, both physical and mental work out. And they have to race against each other.

My Missions? There were four of us as "Ambush" meaning we creep around with the rifles filled with all sorts of water and come from behind and soak the hell out of them. But we have a mission ourselves, torture them. So Members chased me all around school asking for my mission for them. I feel so old, they can really run. I am chased down very fast.

"Right, here's what you are gonna do. First thing is to get me Muruga's last four digits in his IC number" Then I ran off again, and soaked others.

"Got it? Second mission, find Su Kae and Yew Shiong for me." And I ran off again. Then, somehow they managed to grab the two of them, and pin them helpless and pull them to me. Another two came and grabbed my hands. Three of us helpless What the Hell? No choice, they passed.

"Now, line up and Sing Negaraku loud loud." Revenge time! I sat down and aimed at their mouths while they sang. Then I ran off again, and they caught me again. No choice, gave them my signatures.

Me, Yew Shiong and Su Kae went together at one point of the Telematch. Then, twenty or so members approached us. Like a gang fight. So, three of us stood together, rifles up and ready. They came within range and began routing suddenly. Three of us chased and soaked them up real good. While laughing sadistically of course.

Telematch ended at 12.00pm. Lunch time, or free time. Then, 2.00 pm is 'Halangan Komando'!! This is similiar to Telematch. Find Urus setia for missions. Except this does not require brains. Just raw strength, endurance and grit. Myself, I grabbed a pail of water balloons ( honey flavoured, flour flavoured, sugar flavoured, plain water, and all of the above flavoured ), a packet of 1kg flour, my honey, and lots of chilli and set up a post at the science station. I pulled the stalk off five chillies, and put it on the table. Then I poured flour on it, burying it. And then I broke the chillis into two and buried it around the flour mountain. And at last, I took a spoonful of honey and poured in a circle. Wet my hands and sprinkled lightly, mind you, it's the water balloon-pail's water. All sorts of flavour there.

What do they have to do? Very simple. Using only their mouth, and taking turns ( no blowing or swiping ) to 'bite' at the mountain, they must find the stalk for me. No hands, no legs, no nose. Mouth only. Hehe, stalk is at the very base. Imagine how much chilli went into their mouth, and how much honey and flour they bit without swallowing. How disgusting, could just vomit on the spot hehhehehe. First group, Cayjiann got it in the second bite. How the hell did he do it?

"Found the stalk? Very good. Now come here and pick two water balloons. There are many flavours. Choose well. This is a chance to wash yourselves." All the same colours, with four orange and twelve blues. Purposely put orange because I mentioned 'Plain water'. Just to make them try their luck. Orange ones were honey flavoured, the colours matched. Then, all they have to do is make sure everyone in their group gets wet. Some went off with honey on their heads, some with even more flour... but everyone was wet alright. That, is my simple mission.

Went over to Zu Da and Kay Pau's station. Zu Da's mission. There are about twelve balloons, and one blue. They must approached with their back facing us and pick the balloons. The blue means one mark. They must get three marks. And if they pick wrongly, a balloon with chilli is passed to them. "Blow it till it bursts." I tried one myself. My mouth felt hot for an hour. Freaking chilli. Kay Pau's mission. Given four or five chairs, everyone must make sure two of their legs are on the chairs. No legs are allowed on the ground. And no Hands or Heads either. Just make sure they are on the chair. And they must progress, meaning, compress themselves into four chairs, and pass the other to the front. Until they reach one point, which is quite far away considering the speed :P So, while they struggled, HEHHEHHEHEHE. I went over with my rifle. Kay Pau concocted his own 'vitagen'. Chilli, Lots of Flour, Sugar, sand, and lots of his own stuff. Colour looked like the pure milk vitagen. "It's good for your digestion" We sang while we soaked them.

Sim's station was the best. Two chairs facing each other, around 10 metres apart. And there is a plastic bag of water balloons, covered with watery flour. Starting from the other chair, on by one they must run to the other, get down on all fours, pick a balloon with their mouth, sit down on the chair, and blow it, then sit on it until it bursts. Great idea. First, the balloons were slippery. Second, it's gross.

Halangan commando ended at 5.30pm. Completely lost my voice then. All I could do was squeak. Then went over to Han Hong's house for a bath and a nap. Woke up with a SAH. Severe Acute Headache. And still no voice. Felt like I could just go sick. So, went home :(

Missed the 'Malam Kebudayaan', that's when members all performed their group act. Missed the barbeque. Missed the midnight Treasure Hunt ( but heard it was called off because everyone was sleeping too soundly. Nothing like a day of running around, challenged physically and mentally ) Missed the War Game. And missed the Gotong Royong. Sad. :( My Last year in school, possibly my last camp in school, and I missed half of it.

I guess that's all for the sadistic report on our Annual Camping.

PBSM's camping guideline : "Eat Well, Sleep Well, Play Well, Learn Well!"
Scouts camping guideline : "Whatever, just have fun!"
PKBM's camping guideline : "Kuatkan badan, bina minda!"
St John's guideline? : "So long as you are breathing and alive, for us the camp is successful"


oneaisyah said...

hahaha ..dude , undoubtedly , u're the most sadistic person I know -after Hitler that is - .. hahah .. but creative nonetheless .

I hope u won't ever be assigned to be incharge of NS :P

Zhi Wei said...

more like you hope he won't ever be assigned to be in charge of anything.. hahah. jkjk

oneaisyah said...

for the sake of humanity , yea :P hahaha ..