Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Colours of Malaysia

Well, today's post, I am featuring Malaysia, as in, the features of Malaysia that cannot be found in other countries. And for that purpose alone, I shall introduce a new graph, and a little twist to add maths and Physics that we learn in school. It is a multi purpose graph! We can fit in so many things from Malaysia that we cannot find in other countries.

The mathematical function, given X = Y, until you reach the maximum stage. Put in anything you want in X and Y, and you get the same graph.

Alright, let me go first.

X = Position held by the officers
Y = Body weight

Hehe, ever noticed this phenomenon? I am sure you have.

Now, on to another equation.


X = Position held by the officers
Y = Tardiness in arriving for special functions in which they are invited to

Another linear graph. :)

Just two satiric pokes at Malaysia's special features. Nothing offensive, hope nobody gets offended and gets the ISA to arrest me :(

Fortunately our Prime Minister is neither :) Or I hate to think about his size... One thing though, nothing rascist, I notice these phenomenons happen more in Malays. Chinese, well, we don't have to be an officer to be fat, many of us who has slightly more money than they can spend are fat! I don't know about Indians, they always seem so fit to me. :)


oneaisyah said...

haha .. x berkadar langsung dgn y ? it's good to know u actually paid attention during physics :P

Zhi Wei said...

if russell peters was here, he'd immediately tell u that you're an idiot to think indians are fit. hahaha. but around here they are huh.

JUST LOOK AT RAFI WEI. hahahahahahahahhaa. useless bumm..

Anonymous said...

"Do we look physically ready to do hard labour???, Give us calculator, man.. we'll do your taxes" -Russell Peter