Tuesday, March 07, 2006

When even PHONES conspire against me..

Aisyah would probably love this post. She has predicted before that phones are out to get me. Or maybe Alexander Graham Bell meant to invent a Bell to annoy me, but found out that it produces 'RING! RING!' instead of 'CLANG! CLANG!' so he went, what the heck, named it a phone in hope that it will get me many years later.

I mean, seriously, the phones are conspiring against me.

Case One. My handphone is cranking up lately. Maxis' service is lagging badly, and it only affects me. I don't understand it, my sister paid the bills, mine is post paid with a limit of RM100 each month. and I don't have to worry about the bills, just worry about my sister. Seriously, it affects only me! My friends don't have this problem with phones. Well you see, 9 out of 10 of my outgoing sms-es fail to be delivered, or the phone just pops in 'Message Sending Failed'. The 1 sms is usually to guys, the other 9 to girls. And the ONE that gets out is for guys. -_- Other than Sms-es, 90% of my phone calls are also reported errors. Outgoing and Incoming. I cannot call out all the time, and my friends complained that they cannot reach me. And the best part is, I tried to check my outstanding amount bill via sms, they reported error, 'please contact maxis'. I am like, how the hell do i contact maxis when i cannot call out?

Case Two. House Phone. My aunt experienced no problems with the house phone, my cousin no problem, even my GRANDMOTHER had no problems with the house phone. But, when it comes to me.. 'The number you have called is unavailable, please try again later'. Sometimes when I call home, also cannot get through, and no one is using the phone.

Case Three. Also caused by a phone. We had a St John meeting, and this time I called the teacher adviser to come along. She was sporting enough to agree at such short notice ( Great going Miss Ho! ) And the best part? She asked about our current situation. So, we told her of our financial problems. Then, she phoned Officers to ask to check and confirm about the situation, and it caused arguments to arise the moment teacher left. All because of the phone call.

Case Four. Again, Phone. Do you have a great phone like me? One that is fully charged everytime you are not using, and when you are going for tuitions it just suddenly pops to one bar at the battery side? I mean, it's usually this case. I have double tuition tomorrow. I check my phone now. Full bars. Tomorrow I come back from school, about to rush off to tuition, my phone beeps 'Battery Low'. I mean, like wow...

Case Five. Phone. I could not access the net for two days, I didn't know why, but I do now. Apparently, there was nothing wrong with the wiring and everything, but the modem keeps blinking on the left eye, meaning no signal could be established. No signal, no connection. For two days. And it is only a few minutes before I made this post, did I discover my house phone was at fault. The basement phone is fixed for my personal use, since I practically dwell in the basement all the time when I am at home. Apparently, the phone wasn't put in place properly. I don't know what is happening, but the moment I lifted the phone up, I immediately found that I could access the net.

Case Six. Case removed for security and anti-conspiracy purpose.

I mean, It's a freaking conspiracy man! Don't I wish sometimes I can dominate the world of phones, that would teach them to conspire against me! Oh wait, be careful what you wish for, it might come true.


Aisyah said...

Leslie , it's official , the phone companies are conspiring against you..lol .. JK

Lol..wow , whadya know ? there IS an antidote for your cursing habit ;)

umair said...

wahh, even the phone companies are conspiring you...you must be one heck of a guy...

Maybe you cursed alot... you curse while phoning somebody, cursing in sms, curse when online... they know what you did~~~ ;D