Sunday, March 26, 2006

Epic story

Ever read Calvin & Hobbes story? Well, I put two & two together got the idea for this story. As you read along, try and figure out what trivial matter is actually happening. A la Calvin and Hobbes, where Calvin makes it so dramatic ( like a T-rex loose in a supermarket and eating everyone in sight, and it turns out Calvin is on a kiddy rampage in a supermarket )

Right, here's the story.

Somewhere along the universe, there existed a liquid planet called 'The Waste'. Its residents were a tough and hardy people, and whirpools happen all the time and suck everyone near it in. One such young 'wasteling' is little Johnny, and an old 'waste' called Sorry.

Johnny was swimming along the waters around his house when Sorry came and find him. He swam over to find the cheerful old waste. "Elder Sorry!" he yelled. "It's ok, no need to apologize" Sorry immediately said. And they swam together and chatted happily, oblivious to the fate their people is going to face soon.

As you can see, Planet Waste became a target for many other aliens. Attacks came, whirpools then recovered the planet and killing many in one time. But the people of the waste, they had a very special reproductive system. And so they multiplied at an alarming rate, only to die and leave a few survivors after each attack.

Far away, a spaceship from Planet Park was on its way to the Waste to unload its cargo. And the captain was furious. Some stupid nut among his crew began charging the bombs up, and now they find the ship's resistance power is weakening and the bombs might go off anytime. For the sake of everyone's survival, desperate measures were taken. They accelerated, they tried to lessen the tension at the cargo bay, and they even tried cutting off the power source, but obviously failed in that. Alongside, they bumped into many space objects, like small asteroids, which caused friction which further charges up the bombs. The captain grew worried. Will they make it in time? Or would the ship explode halfway, killing everyone off?

"Captain! Charge getting higher! Cargo is forcing its way out soon!"
"Watch that it doesn't! This attack must be successful!"
"Yes sir!"

Then, from the command room, the captain saw the liquid planet. He felt excited and nervous. Will he make it, or will it be a case of 'so near yet so far'?

"Captain! Cargo is releasing poisonous gas! A couple of crewmen were killed before they can escape!"
"What? Seal off the room! And get a couple of men stand by at the unloading bay. Prepare the waygates to drop the bombs!"
"Yes sir!"

The liquid planet grew bigger and bigger as they got closer. Will he make it? Will they make it??

As little Johnny and Sorry swam, Johnny couldn't help but noticing a little speck in the sky. What was that little speck, he thought. Probably he was imagining things, but still.. He decided to voice out his thoughts to Sorry.

"Hey, sorry.."
"Nope, it's ok."
"Listen to me, look there, do you see a speck there? In the sky?"
"I can't see it, my eyes are failing me..."
"Probably my imagination. Come on, we are getting late, sky's darkening soon."

As the ship drew closer, the captain's excitement elevated slowly. He was praying furiously that they make it!

Little Johnny finally saw what that speck was as it grew bigger. It was another alien spaceship, which meant an attack was imminent!

"Hey sorry!"
"Whatever for?"
"Look! An alien spaceship!"
"What? Sound the alarm! We are under siege!"

"Distance at 1000 miles... 900... 800..."
"Come on come on, faster!"
"Captain! We can't hold the cargo any longer! It is out of control!"
"Just a few more minutes dang it! Do your best!"
"Captain! First layer inner defense down!"
"What!?? Make sure the second and third doesn't go off!"
"Captain! Second layer down!"
"What!?? !@#*^!$%!&@#%"
"Captain! Third layer defense is thinning!"
"Alright! Prepare to unload the highly charged particles now!"
"All prepared sir!"
"We are at the correct altitude for maximum impact of the bombs sire!"

As Little Johnny and Sorry went swimming away with the alarm blaring away, the spaceship opened a shaft. Small barrages of bombs flew out, squashing and drowning many.

Relief flooded the captain. He had made it after all. Now is the time to unleash Hell.

As people screamed amidst the ever pouring bombs, little Johnny and Sorry dived and went under a house with oxygen support. But alas, a bomb smashed everything and they were dragged down and drowned.

A big bomb dropped out from the shaft, and the impact caused monstrous waves to ripple out from the point. The captain was jumping with joy.

"Captain! All inner defenses are up!"

Finally, all the bombs were unloaded, and one huge section of Planet Waste lay in ruins, its water polluted and coloured. Out across the horizon, a whirpool began. A storm sprang out of nowhere. The captain, seeing this, began barking orders to retreat and go home.

The whirpool sucked in everything, bombs, corpses, ruins and after the storm, left an ocean of clear crystal water. People from other overpopulated regions came and settled at the spot. It was a cycle actually, a bombing or whirpool wipes out the population, and other regions provide people to populate the place again.

Up on the ship, the captain began to sigh with relief. *End*

Know what the story was about in reality? Got it yet? Right, here is what happened.

I was in the Park with my aunt giving my grandmother her exercise, a walk in the park. Then, my stomach began to ache. You get the idea. :)


aisyah said...

hahahahahhaahahhahahahhahaha ..
grosssss :P but still a good story ;) LOL .. what lah .. hahah .. ur imagination is too wild wei :P *hats off*

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAAA!!!!! u should write a book lar wei... compilations of ickle lesliekin's gross ideas. LOL :p

amilia said...

oh dat was me, btw.

umair said...

HEhehe, lol... your imagination is just too wild, man... wild and interesting... veery interesting, lol...

Zhi Wei said...

you're just plain DISGUSTING... interesting though :P haha.

Anonymous said...

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