Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I so want to kill myself

I really do feel like killing myself. Why? Because of stupid reasons.

1. I got freaking 55 in Moral test this time. While others got 100, and Mofo trying to hint how 'if he didn't get that one question wrong, he can get 100' and me and zhi wei continuing for the whole day 'If i didn't wrong any of the questions that i wrong, I can get 100 for every subject'
2. I am so freaked out by zhi wei

Aaaah, but seriously those are trivial matters. This is the main reason.

Today is wednesday. I have double tuition. Chemistry, followed by add maths. Guess where I went? I thought it was Thursday. I went to Physics tuition. When I entered the class, I was surprised. Why the hell so many people? DAMN Isn't that guy a form 4 guy from my school? OH F*CK! WRONG DAY! Kena boo like hell and laughed by the whole class. Then had to walk 1km to my real tuition centre. Ultimate humiliation.. xia xuey.. pai seh kar.. wah lao.. And to top it off, I went to Chemistry tuition bringing my physics file, my physics book and no chemistry stuff at all. Wah kao.. don't know how to go to school and face my form 4 juniors.

Debate semi finals tomorrow. I am chairing again. Hope I don't mess up again, teachers sure like to go like 'You have done well, it's almost perfect except the part where you messed up' danm embarassing. I seem to have more embarassing moments than other people added up together.

Haha, right now going for Add maths tuition. Hope I don't end up at the wrong place again ;)

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aisyah said...

lol .. it's rude to laugh XD but i can't help it :D hehehe .. cheer up Leslie :)

haha ..the whole wrong tution wrong day happened to me before too , but wasn't as bad as urs lah XD .. lol

Look at the brightside .. At least Tuesday was ..ahem ..awesome for u right ;) hehehe ...