Saturday, April 29, 2006

English Carnival 2006 in Johor Bahru

First and foremost, I found that being team manager for the 13 people who went to JB to represent Batu Pahat in the English Carnival was.. heavenly shit ( in chinese, is 'tien shi', also meaning 'Angel' lol.. ) Anyway, it sucked a bit, but it was fun! Imagine! 13 people! My lucky number!

Sucked a bit because we had to share rooms, the under 15 scrabble were a bit too mischevious, and we we bloody lost the scrabble and public speaking. But we won debate! And then there is the case of the sudden addiction to sushi and Listerine Pocket Packs®.

Anyway, first topic. Room sharing. Under 18 team for scrabble includes me, Chong Wei Ming and Daniel Chow. We had to share a bed, a double bed for couples in fact. Three guys in one double bed. I would rather have my potato beside me anytime than those guys. I won't even mind if its a single bed if its my potato with me LoL ( sick joke ). Sleeping position, me on the left, Danny in the middle, and Chong on the right. Danny had the nerve to sleep in the shape of an 'S'. Don't ask me how, but skinny people seems to be able to do it. He freaking took up three quarters of the bed from the middle, and leaves 1/8 for Chong and me on both sides.

Anyway, I watched and photographed the debate finals in SMK Seri Perling. Zhi Wei's camera couldn't zoom in that far, and I couldn't get close enough, so the pictures turned out... erm.. not so nice. But thanks to my skills, at least they weren't blurred. The best part was, after we won, Joshua hasn't arrived. He lost in public speaking and was the reserve for the debate team. So, yours truly went up and received the trophy from Puan Sallina, the head of cocurriculum ( or was it curriculum? ) of Johor.

From left, Mr. Diva ( or we call him Mr D ), Zhi Wei, Shahrizan, Me with that stupid dumbass smile, Madam Suzy, some Indian Lady, Puan Sallina, Puan Rosiah, Shafique Dassila and Bryan Boo. That practically spells out the philosophers except Joshua isn't there. Smile for the camera guys!!

Anyway, after being an impostor, it is time to describe the juicier part.

First and foremost, we philosophers have a new philosopher. That makes it seven in our group. He is Daniel Chow! The squirrels and Apples conspiracy. Remember our philosophy?

Penguins don't eat potatoes®®®®®®®©©©©©. And they can't fly. Why? Because they don't eat potatoes, which gives them the energy to fly! And why don't penguins don't eat potatoes? Because the squirrels are eating them. Why are the squirrels eating potatoes? Because McDonalds are using the apples to make apple pies. That is why penguins don't eat potatoes!

Damn cool lar. We seem to be influencing more and more people. Umair actually could write a page full of essay about Penguins not eating Potatoes during his "Gerak Gempur Mathemathics". I read it, and it was.. senseless. Just what we are looking for, perfect Umair!

Anyway, we invaded KFC the night before the debate finals. That is.. Monday 24th April 2006. Spent close to RM200 accumulatively. And took some close to orgasmic pictures. Below are some.

This is just a cool picture. I ripped it from Zhi Wei's blog, but then who cares? Its just a cool picture of Zhi Wei there, getting enlightened from nonsensicalness.

Anyway, seems that he took it in his hotel room. Room 206.

This is an even cooler picture. Zhi Wei looks like he was having an orgasm. Daniel looks as though he was going to suck the chilli sauce from the bottle just like that.

Damn cool right?

This is probably the coolest picture. Because I am in. And Zhi Wei's facial expression looks like.. oh my god.. He's high on.. nicotine?

And for your information, that's me drinking chilli sauce using a straw. I know, damn cool right? I just love the Thai chilli sauce served in KFC. That is one of the reasons I prefer KFC to McD.

And now, observe the great me eating a chicken wing like a fire-eater. It's Hot and Spicy chicken wing by the way.

In It goes!

Out it comes!

Taa-daa! Bone left! Cool eh? Now for some at least decent pictures.

That's Zhi Wei and Me if you still do not know us. The two famous guys who confuses everyone we see.

Guys in red are the scrabble under 18 team for Batu Pahat. The other suckers are the Under 15 team for Batu Pahat. All from HSBP. From left, Chong Wei Ming, the Great Me, Danny Boy, Chern Jin, Bloody Cho and Chee Seng.

I guess that's it for pictures. A little side details to go and that's it for this lenghty post.

Ate seafood with my dearest dear sister in JB. Saw an oyster the size of my computer monitor. 100g RM28.00. TWENTY EIGHT BUCKS FOR A HUNDRED GRAMMES!? That freaking oyster alone is at least 700g!

Apparently Shafique and Shahrizan never saw sushi before in their lives. I bought a value set meal sushi using my sister's money and offered them. They never saw before omg. Shahrizan tentatively reached out for the most expensive piece of all, the Tako ( octopus ) took one small bite and refused to eat any further. WTF!? Shafique took the second most expensive piece, the Salmon fish with rice, ate the rice and took a small bite of the salmon and refused to eat it any further. WTF!????? Talk about wasting.

That's all I suppose ;)


Zhi Wei said...

"This is probably the coolest picture. Because I am in." You're so full of crap. Hahaha.BUT I'M FULLER. :P HAhaha.


oneaisyah said...

hahahahaha .. cool captions :) . so goodddd ...skipped school to create chaos in JB XD . Congrats to HSBP for winning the debate =)

one more thing , remind me to never use the KFC's thai chili sauce in JB nor BP XD

umair said...

Ah, drinking thai chili sauce.. that answers why both of you are like "that".. mwahaha