Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Penguins don't eat potatoes

Did you know that Penguins don't eat potatoes? It's true! They don't eat potatoes! This is the philosophy zhi wei and I made up to confuse you all. The origin of this philosophy, only zhi wei, aisyah and me know. Though aisyah still appears to be confused but whatever, I shall not talk of the past.

Did you know that to fly we need energy? You do? Good! And because Penguins don't eat potatoes, they don't have the energy! That is why Penguins cannot fly!

What is that? I eat potatoes but I cannot fly? EXACTLY! THAT IS BECAUSE I AM NOT A PENGUIN THAT EATS POTATOES!

Anyway, went to Pizza Hut today, 11th April 2006, Tuesday to celebrate our victory in debate, championing Batu Pahat once again to go to the state level Parliamentary style debate.

Top left : Me, Bryan, Zhi Wei
Bottom left : Shafique, Shahrizan and Joshua

Anyway, we made a lot of conspiracies and useless nonsensical chattering during the 'Victory Feast'. The feast started at 1 o clock, and the esteemed 3rd speaker, Bryan, had the courtesy to come at 2.06pm. 66 minutes late! By then we already finished off three pizzas and left 5 slices for him, with a salad, two cups of coke and a bowl of soup. He ordered an ice cream. I glared at him threateningly and said 'FINISH EVERYTHING OR YOU WILL NOT STEP OUT OF HERE ALIVE'

Anyway, plans for tomorrow's trip to Kota Tinggi somehow included me in. So, what the heck, how lucky am I to be able to go yeaaaa~~

And oh yeah, ending note. I just received a report from Tanjung Rambutan. This was not reported in the newspaper, but it happened yeah. Six inmates escaped. Surprised? Anyway, here is the picture of them. I hope everyone who sees them give me a call, identify yourself with your IC number and tell me where you saw them. My number is below. Read on.

Below are the two most dangerous among the six.

Lee Zhi Wei is believed to be the mastermind behind the Penguins-Don't-Eat-Potatoes conspiracy that left many confused and puzzled. Ng Leslie, the guy on the right, is the famous collaborator with Lee Zhi Wei. Together, they have successfully confused hell lots of people with their theory, leaving many speechless and unable to produce a sound argument. Ng Leslie also goes around with a Pizza-Hut knife, which he stole from a local PizzaHut and manage to look somehow threatening with that sorry excuse for a knife.

"Don't follow, Or I will eat your pizzas" Officials quoted Lee Zhi Wei as he ran off, leaving the authorities scratching their heads over the threat. On the other hand, Ng Leslie was heard to say "Do not tail us, let us go free before the Penguins eat potatoes and fly!" On their word, the officers hot in pursuit got so confused that they gave up halfway.

The chief officer in charge of recapturing these two fugitives, Mr Penguin Little, has offered a reward of two eight sliced Hawaiian Supreme pizza, paid by the captor to the captor that manages to return these two fugitives. He also offered the knife Ng Leslie was holding as a trophy for whoever that manages to nab the notorious duo.

He also warned the public that left out free for two long, they could spread their philosophy and somehow stop Bird Flu from spreading. "Such dangerous people must be kept behind bars! They are brilliant but twisted!" He told reporters during the press conference.

Whoever has spotted any of the duo, be careful and do not attempt to take on them alone. They could turn your brain into pizza or potato, depending on your choice. Any information leading to these duo will be very much appreciated, but please, no prank calls. Or you will have bad sex for your entire life.

Please call 012-7700978 for Mr Ng Leslie regarding information to the above mentioned fugitive duo. Identify yourself together with your Identity card number, and send RM50 for a meal at Pizza Hut when given an address, then give the whereabouts of the two infamous duo.

Report by : Ng Leslie


Zhi Wei said...




Zhi Wei said...

but methinks time spent on this is much much much more beneficial. hahahahaha.

Penguin-I-Shall-Be said...

You guys are the most confusing, notorious, infamous, confusing (AGAIN!) yet believeable philosopher.

You know, using your confusing, notorious, infamous, confusing (AGAIN!!) yet believeable philosophy, you can actually take over waste land within 2 hours 7 minutes and 45 seconds :P :P

since the content of your post is mostly insane, let me continue insanity with this useless comment... MWAHAHAHA, I SHALL MUTATE INTO PENGUIN THEN EAT POTATOES SO I CAN FLY!!!!

aisyah said...

U should submit that for Ole BRATs :D two BRATs gone WAAYYYYY wrong :P love the pointless-ness of this post and the poster =)) hahaha

They drugged ur pizza didn't they ?

milia said...

hahahahha..aku sgt suka itu poster...kah kah kah...lets feed those penguins in langkawi potatoes..shall we? SUE pizza hut for drugging u nuts!!!

Josh said...

The World Is Going To The Penguins

OMG. . . . Penguins are dominating the world. . . . . .
Let's get the rights to produce a new novel, "Potato Penguins" and replace "Potato People" with it as the Form 2 Literature Book.

Lolz. . .
Now I wonder why Irish people don't fly. . .
Oh yeah. . People. . . not penguins. . . . What on earth!!!!

Let The PENGUINS Rule!!!!!!
Long live Penguins!!!!!
Long live Penguins!!!!!
Long live Penguins!!!!!

Zhi Wei said...

the penguins are gonna conquer the world OK. :P hi joshua! hahahahaa. being the youngest among us, you have to maintain the philosophy.. hahahaha...