Friday, May 05, 2006

Stress syot

Well well well, first and foremost.. Congrats to our debate team ( Shafique, Shahrizan, Zhi Wei, Bryan and Joshua ) for kicking everyone's ass and making girls flirt with them in Batu Buruk, Terengganu. So I heard, Zhi Wei made many girls ( in particular, the Malay girls. I think I am going to start calling him Malay-killer ) swoon over him, and he made an offhand remark saying a girl was pretty when asked. That earned him the title 'Mr Banger'. If you don't know what Banging is.. too bad for you.

Anyway, Batu Pahat will be representing Zone C ( Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang ) to the National Level Debate in Selangor 19-21st June. In Shah Alam so I heard.

Well, for some detailed information, you can go to zhi wei's blog and look at the insanely nonsensical pictures they took in Terengganu ( none of the pretty girls were in though :( damnit zhi wei, you are so horny that you didn't even bother to take their photos ). Well, if you are wodnering, no i am not providing a link there. Some *CENSORED because too vulgar* apparently know of my blog, and he likes secrecy. See? Damn horny right! Horny Zhi Wei. :P

Back to myself. For this month, I am facing :

1. Mid year exam. Its going to be fucking tough for me because I have not done much revision.
2. I am facing my driving test at the first day of exam. Thankfully, the first day is Chinese paper, I am not involved.
3. I am facing some problems in my uniform body, so I get generally fucked up.
4. As Zhi Wei put it to words.. my ass is on fire again.
5. I got crazy and started a mega download project. Six episodes of Star Wars® in one freaking go. 4.2GB!!!!

The driving thingy is making me jittery. I don't know why. When I am not driving, my heart can beat extra fast, and I get nervous and shaky. When I am driving, I feel sleepy. And I still cannot control my addiction to Yeo's Green Tea™ and Potatoes®.

Apparently, Miss Lebah ( or Bee Bee as most humans call her ), someone whom I have yet to meet, but is a BRAT herself, drew a picture of me and zhi wei. As Octopie ( plural for Octopus ). Kind of cool when you think of it. Tako Leslie and Tako Zhi Wei. And we are not gay thank you. We are pretty straight and horny.. erm.. make that friendly.

Its called Squish and Squash by the way. Squish is the Yellow Dude ( And that's Tako Zhi Wei ) and Squash is the Purple Dude ( Tako Leslie ). Damn cool lar.

All in all.. stress syot. Pretty stressed up these few days. Fortunately I have Potato to help me ;)


Zhi Wei said...

wtf how many damn times did you use the word 'horny' to describe me in this post man... . crap la. i am seriously getting blackmailed by all of you people.


Aisyah said...

Come on , to u everyone else is horny -__-" . haha . and ..

no offense .. but pls try to be a bit more tactful next time (i'm referring to the 1st paragraph of this post ) .

Anonymous said...

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