Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Its a Penguin eat Penguin world..

Its a Penguin eat Penguin world alright.. Firstly, I made a stupid mistake in my driving test. Failed the parking.. Just as I was about to get out from the parking space, my left side mirror accidentally touched the pole. Then all I could do was say "Fuck" and get out of the car. Bloody haha... suai lar..

Then, the biology paper today. It was nuts. Paper 3, the experiment could not be found in the text book. LoL WtF?

"Mengkaji kesan nilai pH ke atas aktiviti yis"

Damn cool lar...

Anyway, this is a brief post, just wanted to update and take a break from poring over the biology books. I could actually feel the words peeling off the page by the sheer power of my stare.

And here's a tip to guys who find revising hard. A few simple steps.

1. Take your text book ( whichever subject )
2. Burn it
3. Put the ashes in a cup of mineral water
4. Stir well and drink. You will find the information stored solidly in your bladder.

An easier alternative for guys like me who revises while lying down ( Hey lying down enables you to think better and faster )

1. Take four text books or reference books ( or three ) regarding the subject you want to revise
2. Put it on your bed
3. Lie down and rest your head on the books
4. Read from another book ( it can be another subject, but preferably the same )
5. The information from the textbooks under your head will seep into your head through osmosis

This method is damn useful for Moral Education.

*Warning* : It might be too comfortable. However, when you fall asleep, the osmosis process will continue. Take care, this must be done at the beginning of your revision. If your head is already full of useless facts, don't try this. Osmosis will happen, but will be from your head to the books. Hey, go study lar! Osmosis happens according to the 'kepekatan'. So if your head is already 'pekat' with information, it will seep out! Maybe some calls it reverse osmosis?

After watching the movie "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children", I just feel so damn shiok lar.. In fact, was so mesmerized that I downloaded the entire soundtrack for the game and the movie and blasted the stereo at home whole day. Final Fantasy VII is still the best RPG game to me. And the soundtracks rock!

The following soundtracks of FFVII are what I presume to be the best :
1. Aeris' Theme ( I give it a 10 out of 10, which I seldom does to soundtracks )
2. Cloud Smiles ( 8 out of 10 )
3. Tifa's Theme ( 8 out of 10 )
4. Ahead on Our Way ( 7 out of 10 )
5. The Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII ( 7 out of 10 )

For a more excitable soundtrack, as those 5 above are considered "soft and soothing music", try the ones themed on the bad guys.
1. J-E-N-O-V-A ( I give 8 out of 10 )
2. One Winged Angel ( The name is so cool, the music is so good I give it 9 out of 10 )

For those who don't know, One Winged Angel is Sephiroth. Damn handsome, sword damn cool, he's just such a cool guy. And he looks a bit like a penguin with long white hair wielding a long long sword. So cool.

Following Final Fantasy VII, I seriously put the game "Lufia II" as the second best RPG game ever. The soundtracks also rock! But I cannot find it.. yet :(

These two games are great in the sense that
1. Great storyline
2. Lots of puzzles that require you to think a hell lot before you can actually pass
3. Lots of secrets
4. Great music

Damn, now I am itching to play Final Fantasy VII again. Unfortunately, its hard to find it on CD for computers now, and the game is published in 1998, and meant to fit for slower and dumbass computers. Nowadays computers are so modern and sophisticated, it cannot support a game that is published 7 years ago. What the hell lar... Need to find the patch for the game to run on Windows XP :)

On an ending note.. Zhi Wei sketched this in class. I took the trouble to Google for pictures and put it here.

Penguins + Potatoes....

Equals to Penguins flying! Ok.. that picture is a penguin diving.. but let's just imagine it is taking flight :)

A few more pictures of penguin that I found.. so damn cool lar..

Two Headless Penguins. Why does that remind me of Zhi Wei and myself?

I called this picture "The Suicidal Penguin."

Now these are what I call POTATO PENGUINS! Sorry lar.. lazy to straighten it.. :P

And while I was searching for photos.. I came across this site. Double whammy for BP gang and some of the BRATs.

Its called.. "The Penguin Conspiracy".

The Penguin Conspiracy

This site claims that Penguins are bad and will take over the Earth.

Damn cool right?


oneaisyah said...

Hahahaha .. great revision tips Leslie , should have came up with that during my spm :P lol

"5. The information from the textbooks under your head will seep into your head through osmosis "

bwahaha .. kepakaran mengaplikasikan kemahiran sains dlm kehidupan seharian

you should get A++ for PEKA bio :P

Oh yea , the Penguin Conspiracy thing is wickedly cool XD hahaha .. can't believe there r more psychos out there who thought of the same thing .. hahaha ..

umair said...

mwahahah.. i'm having my setara in two weeks' time.. i'll try your method.. seem cool XD..

Heh, the penguin-dont-eat-potato-website sure is cool.. I even found a guy from AIAS (Agency of Intelligent Advancing Squirrels) mwahahaha...

I wonder what will happened if a whole group of 'that' kind of human being gather up... they're be like "OMG, flying penguins, OH, it's just a bug" O_o

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.