Thursday, October 08, 2009


People are weeeeirdddd. Seriously.

I made a new friend recently. A guy friend, not a gay friend. He's in the health sciences, but a victim of circumstances he has to take physics.

When he learned that I am in engineering, he began reciting formulae for me to confirm its correctness. And insisted I teach him physics.

And today morning 7.30am. 7.30 AM. FUCKING 7.30AM he sent me an sms saying nothing but 'oh I just realized I have a physics test next week'.

wtfarghsasdkjaskd heriskedthedarklord'swrathanddisturbedthedarklord'sslumberjustforthesakeofsaying HEHASAFUCKING TEST


On the bright side, I found my haunt :D well literally the place I'll be haunting in my spare time anyway.

Now I am having a headache. I am intending to specialize in green/environmental engineering. But what if due to space limitations I am not admitted? ...Fuck. I need to think of alternatives.

Till then, just a brief update

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chelseaorange said...

it's so nice that you're updating again.

i can resume my stalking activities.