Sunday, August 27, 2006


People are strange. Period.

Why? Hehehehe, more firing. People find things they aren't used to either to be funny/mad/indecent/heresy. Take Zhi Wei and me for example. One too much stress, and one more stress on the negative side. Both equally crazy. Add together, and you get philosophers. And people look at us and go, "Hey they are funny, but they are mad. The things they say are indecent, and I suspect they are practicing occultism. " '_' And no, nobody accused us of the heresy/occultism thing yet.

So.. is fuck a foul word? I don't think so. Its a verb, and an universal english word. It can be a verb, a pronoun, an adjective whichever way you use it. For e.g.

Fuck you! - Fuck is a verb here.
Fucking Ass! - Fuck(ing) is an adjective.

Point clear?

Anyway, I logged in to Zorpia, which I never bothered to do in a very long time. Friendster is maddening enough. The first thing I saw in 'rate a Zorpian' section is a quite cute girl. I was like, "WOW! let's check it out!"

So.. went to her homepage. Blablabla.. wtf favourite books written as 'Megazine'.

Then, I saw on the comments. This guy was like 'Hey, all the songs you listed as your favourite is my favourite too!' So i decided to check it out. Scroll up to her profile again.

Favourite Music : All Love Songs.


Alright, this is a novelty. I know this kind of profile entry exists everywhere, but finding this desperate guy trying to con the young girl.. trying to assosiate himself with her through this way?????

@nD | dOn'T UnDeRsTaNd wHy Pe0P|e mUsT tYpE |iKe Th|s. ITS FREAKING ANNOYING OKAYAYYYY??????

So I consulted My Master, Master Oh Bee Want. Master Oh Bee, the moment he saw me he was like..

'What'sup mah bitches?'

So I told him what I thought of people, stupid people who likes to act cute, take 50+ photos of every imaginable side of their faces, post it up on friendster, forwarding chain mails that was dated 2 years ago, putting lame and corny love stories in bulletins, TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, and spelling their names like this '~*@xXLeslieXx@*~', and like to post corny stuff on the MSN like 'I will love you forever,' to nobody in apparent.

I remember one of my contacts put their nick '*insert name, I can't remember who!* - I miss you all the time, think of you all the time, I love you so much that I can't stop thinking of you.' Then, in the bar.. it read.. 'Doing assignment. Non-stop assignment. No time to chat or think about anything else ler'.


Master Oh Bee scratched his balls for a moment, then admitted he did not know. This question rocked his balls so hard he couldn't think.

So.. I was shocked. All-knowing Master Oh Bee, friend of the penguins did not have the answer! But he asked me to approach Master Soda.

Master Soda was happy to see me as usual. The first thing he saw me, he read my mind. Then he said ( in thick carbonated drink bubbling sound )..

"Yes, Girls who exercise, I like them too! The Best their legs are!" Wtf...

So I asked him the questions I asked Master Oh Bee. Master Soda said..

"Fuckers they are. Ignore you must." And I was stumped! Master Soda said something that was completely pointless yet makes sense! And I was so enlightened I couldn't breathe, I could only wheeze and cough.

Master Soda, Master of Master Oh Bee indeed. He definitely lives up to his reputation.

More strangeness. Whenever I see any place needing 'Word Verification' before I can post anything, I always laugh. Because it always says 'Type in the bar as seen in the picture' and I will go like 'Wtf how do you type it in orange, sinusodial shape, and having all sorts of triangular, square and circlular shapes floating around'?

In conclusion : I have trial exams tomorrow and I am wasting time here updating. Wtf.. I amaze myself, as usual.

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