Thursday, July 13, 2006


Lazy to update.. but just to make this blog stir once in a while..

Latest news :
1. My two nieces are addicted to my computer now. DANG IT!
Ever since my niece approached me with her CD from an english text book, she pesters me to let her play it everyday. ( Note : Nieces aged 7 and 5 ) Its annoying, but hey, its for her education. The funny thing is, she doesn't understand what the hell those hippos are crapping about and still managed to 'tikam' until she gets full marks in the so called tests. O_o Don't I wish for those kind of luck?

2. My nephew is suspected of HFM-Disease. HAND FOOT MOUTH!!!
In Johor Bharu now. In hospital. He's such a cuttteee toddler. Poor thing lar wei..

3. I still do not have a life.

4. I still crave roti canai.

5. Tests are around the corner and I don't give a heck xD

6. More people acting cute around me and around my turf online. Annoys the hell out of me.

Aaaaaaanddddddd.. I downloaded Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes from bittorrent. Every single strip ( Wonder whether its legal or not.. but well.. ). This is what I am probably going to do xD

Well what else? I suppose that's it.. until something interesting happens.. ciao!

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