Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Bertie's book is good. Its light enough for heavy stuff, and is comprehensible for people in general (I guess. I can't take common sense for granted though).

Haven't been updating, simply because I can't find the mood to do anything. Instead, I am seeing a lot of conflict between people recently.

So, you see, its understandable when someone criticizes you, or wants to cast you away, obviously there is some problem. AND its perfectly understandable when you get on the defensive, because everyone feels they either did nothing wrong or always deserve a second chance.

I should like to think in history no one has ever been to war thinking they are on the wrong side.

See, we tiny creatures have so much social problems simply because we can't communicate properly.

I want to hold a pen and write proper stuff. But I can't seem to do it, because I can't seem to want to make myself do it. I wonder.... I am so lazy =/

About Japan, its heart rending. It affected me in the sense that my anime shows are being disrupted, but I'm not complaining. They have it tougher there. But somehow, on the Internet, you get to see people who says stuff like

"Haha Japan, remember Pearl Harbor? Its Karma!!!" or similar.

And to think, we are in an enlightened age?

Well yes, put it bluntly, some of us are in an enlightened age (I wonder where do I fit). Some. Most of us are in the other category. Emotion driven, and temperamental (temper and mental).

Back to Thomas Friedman's 'Lexus and Olive Tree'.

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