Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just after

I wrote I believe racism cannot be solved by identifying it, I read Farish A.Noor's book that wrote 'racism' does not exist, because as far as the strictest technical definitions goes; there is only one race. The human race. When I read that, I realized how mistaken I was, and couldn't even begin to think of why I didn't realize that word play in the first place.

And we use the words 'racists/racism/racial' so freely. What are we? Monkeys and Chimps?

The issue here, is dealing with ethnic discrimination, if you like. Or ethnic whatever. And well, Farish made the arguments so well that I am very inclined to agree with them.

Well, the idea of 'racism' in Malaysia pretty much came from our so beloved colonists, the British Empire of then. The ruling idea of then was the well established 'pecah dan perintah', split em and rule em all. And from there, well, I think you get the idea.

And reading his book, it strikes me harder than a homerun baseball landing right on your nose (I don't know how it feels though). I DO NOT REALLY KNOW MY COUNTRY'S HISTORY!! How sad.

And indeed, apart from the high school textbook (which is horrendous, in my opinion. Too much emphasis on memorizing, too little on us actually understanding and appreciating), there really isn't much published information about our country available in our bookstores.

A dear friend tried to search for historical books on Malaysia once. And she couldn't find it. Not in any bookstore.

I browsed through MPH's online catalogue. And they, well categorized books by Malaysians and about Malaysia under the category 'Malaysia'. At least three out of four are about our shitty politics. Experts offering opinions. Books by Mahathir. Books about Anwar. Books about corruption, scandals, elections. And if its not about politics, its either comics or lifestyle (I remember I quite enjoyed Lydia Teh's books).

So the point is, and I bet most of us Malaysians do not realize, or even care, that we are losing our roots. We do not safeguard our past, we are concerned about the present and the future of our country's politics (and incidentally, the present is a mess and the future? Nobody knows where we're even going)

At times like this, I feel for my country. My fellow people, who thinks patriotism means to love your country and that's it.

'Tak kenal maka tak cinta', I should like to throw this quote back at the people who gave it to me.

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