Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have tons of assignments, tests, duties, commitments and all coming up, but really...

fuck them all and lets update the dying blog.

First of all let me lament for the breaking of my beloved phone. She died suddenly, and would not wake up. I feel like I lost a lover.

... *sighs*

Anyway, on to today's update!

I shall talk about a random topic, and the first thing that came to mind is education!

Mind you, I pursue knowledge and wisdom earnestly. Its just that sometimes I dabble in epistemology, and suddenly all knowledge I have is reduced to utter bullshit.

But anyway, I always did have the feel that I am a failed product of a miserable attempt at education. Not a problem of mine. And certainly those in my generation are, whether they realize it or not.

An education based on the importance of knowledge, i.e educating people by telling them stuff, in my opinion, is the simplest but rather a stupid thing to do. The reason we are applying this is simple, really. We can't teach wisdom. (Reason 2 being that people are naturally stupid)

Now, the situation has balanced itself out (I would use equilibrium, but I would be called a fucking nerd). Everybody, around the world (yes, apparently my current uni does this as well. To some extent though, not 100%. But that's really my own personal opinion, and not meant to insult or flame or anything negative) is enrolled in an education that, well, 'teaches' you new stuff by telling you all about it.

Sure, they tell you about it, you remember it, you go for exams and they ask you about it, you answer it and you pass it. Then you forget it. Just bits and pieces remain. Something lingers in your brain, but when really put to the test, bet you can't do shit. Try taking a history exam in SPM again now, huh? Or even Geography (or Maths. I suck at maths). Bet I will fail it.

As such, I have began educating myself. I swear, Auckland's changing me a lot. I feel grown up sometimes.

How do I educate myself? I accumulate wisdom (or at least, I think I am).

I first study the history of philosophy, and how science came about (school of thought in empiricism. Thanks to empiricists like Berkeley).

Then I study philosophy itself, what all the crazy nutcases in the past with nothing better to do thought up of, and those changed the world.

Then, now's the tricky part. I formulate my own thoughts on EVERYTHING. (Note : I might still have zero wisdom, but my arrogance refuses to admit that). That's when I realized, everything I did up to the age of 21 was meaningless and full of shit! A terribly exciting revelation, really (and I consider that an accomplishment). Nono, this is not depression. In fact I am extremely jovial about it.

Imagine achieving nothing and yet appearing to be doing something, and all these helps secure my livelihood (I hope). Bet you didn't think of looking at it this way eh?

But no, while that is what 'normal' (I would say unenlightened, but I would be a bigot and an arrogant bastard if I wrote that) people usually do, I do not agree with that life. Why live, then? (apart from feeding and breeding, which is what nature dictates us to do).

Really, the reason education fails is because first, our forefathers who have insight, do not know how to teach that insight. How do you teach someone how to think anyway? Nobody knew.

(But really, if you need someone to teach you how to think, you FAIL big time)

But you can't get someone to seriously think without something to spur them on. And that something happens to be knowledge, or some people are born naturally curious. Naturally born philosophers I call them.

So yeah, you need to know stuff (or just be curious) to know how to solve problems or answer questions. So they began telling us stuff, and we began telling stuff to our kids. No sweat there.

When and where did the problem began, then? No idea. Somewhere along the passing of knowledge, someone forgot the original purpose. And we just kept passing on the knowledge and swallowing it whole, nobody even knew how to question.

So yeah, we know heaps lot (I hope), but we don't know shit.

PS : I am so amazed as to how fucking amazingly lazy people can get. Imagine, some of us have invented a toilet THAT WIPES YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!

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chelseaorange said...

enlightening, as always.

hey you'd be surprised at the amount of people who can go through life without a single constructive thought.

plain laziness i suppose.