Monday, March 22, 2010

Just to say I am alive.. I think

Its been a whole three months and three weeks and three days.

Since my last update.

Of course, I can offer you a lot of reasons why I am not updating this blog. But the prime reason above all is... I am so lazy.

I have many things to share, to type, but somehow putting them on public doesn't sound that great to me. Because some of it are so offensive people will mail me bombs from Malaysia to New Zealand.

So I keep a private journal. I'll leave that journal to Aimee when I die, I'll mention it in my will.

So, haha.


One of the most important thing I notice is, woah why are road works following me everywhere? Last year when I was in Grafton, they started this mega bridge makeover.

This year, I am in Mount Street. And right after I moved in.. Mount Street is being street make-overed.

Interestingly, I have come to the realization that some humans are still pretty much barbarians. Regularities in life somehow breeds a wild side in us. Regardless of race.

Why do I say that? No, not the drug addicts or the Mat Rempits back home. Its some group of white kids who come by every night (like.. 1am?) to the Uni Residential Hall opposite my place.

Just to yell 'O'rorke SUCKS!'. For half an hour. And then they realize they are ignored. And they leave and come again next day.

Wtf? Whatever makes them happy.


Life in Uni is good so far. Still haven't got a chance to see a girl undress in the opposite unit, but we can keep hoping right? They don't bloody draw the curtains to do whatever stuff. Friend said he saw some people making love. Interesting.

On a side note, whats with society and resumes? Everyone's obsessed with resumes and CVs. Takes the fun out of everything, and everything done is just for the sake of the bloody CV. This defeats the purpose of the CV in the first place.

I believe the CV/resume is just a summary of your life that lets the employer or whoever pretty much get an idea of how you lead life. A well filled CV is definitely a good one, but joining shit JUST for the sake of filling up the CV is only going to make you an asshole. Take that.

On another side note, I am probably going to suicide during the winter break (break, i typed as berak. I corrected it). I am going to bungee jump in south! Unless I go for plan B which is Melbourne (after Aimee leaves that goddamned place)

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chelseaorange said...

Why oh why my good man, would you want to avoid me.

although the thought is mega tempting, i would never murder you just to get access to said private journal