Sunday, June 07, 2009

Animes and Hollywood

Dear bloggie,

I am sorry to have neglected you for so long. I was always lazy to type up new stuff to entertain my readers (which i suspect there's only one. Aimee that's you, don't look behind). As such, in times of impending exam, I turn my attention to you as a perfect excuse for procrastinating my revision.


The topic Professor Leslie shall talk about today shall be about animes and Hollywood.


What the fuck are the Hollywood people thinking?

First they made this :

My hero............................................................................................ the zero

Which I did not bother to watch. I'd be encouraging them to make more if I did. Its like... its like some kid pooped in his pants right in front of you and you giving him money and saying 'well done'. To top it off, the pants he is wearing is your favorite brand.

And oh ever noticed that adding the word 'Evolution' makes everything sound right? Yeah God knows whatever it means by 'Dragon Ball Evolution', since Dragon Balls technically are orbs to summon the dragon god, it is not a living thing, it cannot evolve. Dragon Ball evolution? Yeah, Goku evolved from a muscle perfect super saiyan hero to a white punk. That's degeneration by the way.

Don't get me wrong. Not all anime to live action movies suck. At least I don't really think so despite the 'prettiness' of anime people (drawn people look abnormal). Observe Death Note by Japanese producers. Manga and live action versions of L.

The resemblance is not bad, in my opinion. You have to be slightly racist here haha. Serious. At least Goku is not some random punk who 'you must save the world! and grab that chick while you're at it'

And the next thing. Cowboy Bebop. Nope I did not watch the anime, nor the anime movie. But guess what? Keanu Reeves is going to act in the live action version.

Hmm................................. I seriously don't know what to say. From Matrix, Hell, Streets, now anime? Mr Anderson this better be good. Because there's a high probability it sucks.

And guess what? There's an english version of the famous chinese gangster-police story 'Internal Affairs'. I conveniently forgot the title. I didn't bother to find out about it. This is unrelated though.

Well the final straw is this. This is an unconfirmed rumour circulating around the net. They say that Hollywood's making a live action movie of Death Note too! Maybe anime's the new cash cow for Hollywood. And...

They say Light Yagami (left) will probably be played by Zac Efron. High School Musical anyone? From dancer to man-suffering-from-delusions-he-is-god-but-he-can-kill. I'll admit that even the Japanese version they couldn't find someone who looks like Light. (Light's such a cool name isn't it) But one thing I hate to admit, Zac there does look slightly like Light (maybe its the hair).

Oh well its unconfirmed rumour though. But I do not like the idea of Hollywood putting its grubby hands into the anime grounds. I mean, well drawn people certainly look abnormal (note : unusually big boobs, big eyes, eyes with different colours I forgot what this is called, small people bearing SHIT HUGE weapons etc)

Why? Because it shatters the illusions one have of the anime. Two it makes me feel like an idiot IF i watch it. Three because its just so wrong.

I seriously wonder why though. Maybe because its the large industry Japan has in the manga/anime section. I mean, its gotten so that people worldwide are reading comics from there. I wonder do white kids ever imagine going to Japan someday and find out people are seriously drawn there (haha).

One thing is evident though. Hollywood sure is putting its grubby hand in anime grounds.

PS : I hate picture posts. Annoys the hell out of me to upload photos


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