Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Came across this forum the other day while surfing (yes I am that jobless). The topic in the thread was 'Homosexuals'. Basically they were discussing whether its right or wrong.

As usual, the religiously pious ones were saying its definitely a sin. Its wrong. Its unnatural.

Then came the brilliant reply.

"A car is also not natural. So car = sin?"

But anyway, Professor Leslie (resurrected at last) shall offer some opinions regarding homosexuality.

Animals do it too! And people of reknown like Alexander the Great and your idolized Spartans (imagine 300, many people wanna be like them) are said to be gay!

There is an interesting theory that got my attention. Homosexuality is a form of evolution too, in the face of a state of overpopulation. Basically what it means is..

People horny --> People have too much sex --> too many babies --> overpopulation --> people still horny, but too many people --> They have same gender sex! --> No babies! --> Horniness appeased but population under control --> problem solved

Professor Leslie feels that homosexuality is nothing wrong. It's fine if you are oriented that way (which I am not), as long as you do not disturb others who refuse you. Heck, its wrong even if a guy forces himself on a girl eh? So no issue there.

Due to the abscence of readers, Professor shall refrain from sexual jokes.


Top current embarassing moments (my life's full of them, wonder why)

Picture in your mind comical characters for the best humour effects

1) At a local tid-bits shop that offers free samples
Leslie : *walks in casually, sees SQUID! Dried squid! Drowns in revelry and daydream*
Shop attendant : *stare stare*
Leslie : *eyes shining, mouth drooling, pretends didn't see the sample given, grabs a big piece from the mound*
Attendant : "HELLO SIR! *points at sample, miserably cut down small pieces*
Leslie : -_-" *got caught*
Customers : *glare glare gossip*

2) At a local private hospital, about to remove my lower wisdom tooth
Aunt : Go brush your teeth! Wait dentist see dirty very embarassing!
Leslie : *nods, walks into the toilet with toothbrush in hand*
People : *stare stare gossip gossip*
Leslie : *stress -____-"
Leslie : *starts brushing teeth in toilet*
Leslie : *feels a sudden stress from behind*
Leslie : *peeks*
Toilet cleaner : *leaning against wall, staring at Leslie with 'wtf-is-this-guy-making-this-place-his-home-or-what-why-is-he-brushing-his-teeth-here-i-want-to-mop-the-floor-but-he-is-strange' look.
Leslie : *brush brush*
Toilet cleaner : *stare stare*
Leslie : *brush brush*
Toilet cleaner : *stare stare*
Leslie : *sweat*
Toilet cleaner : *stare stare*
Leslie : *creepy*
Toilet cleaner : *stare stare*
Leslie : *done*
Toilet cleaner : *sighs
Both : *walk out of toilet together, as if just finished watching an action movie

Update more when I feel like it.

Results out in 6 hours O_O


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