Sunday, July 08, 2007


Seriously, I am going nuts. My mum changed hairstyle, and I could not recognize her. Today, after going home from Summit, ( my sister came back ), here's what I did.

Me : *turn to dad* Hi Dad, *turn to sis* Hi sis, *turn to mum*.. Uh.. Aunty!

Sis : BWAHAHHAAHHAHAHAhAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mum : -___-"


Well, I survived that. So I shall briefly mention about the first week in INTEC.

The hostels provided are good actually. Its very spacious and in considerably good shape.

First week was orientation week, so naturally I always felt it was slightly boring.

For anyone wanting to find me, my place is in Cendana College, Shah Alam Section 6.

So far, I have no complaints about the college itself, nor the hostel. I am happy :)

But alas, Shah Alam weather proved to be crazy. I did not sleep at all the first night there. I bathed cold water, and two steps out of the bathroom and I was already sweating.

After some seriously uneasy sleep that could not be called sleep for only one hour to two hours, I woke up as sticky as super glue because of the excess sweat, and I was seriously dehydrated and my lips were cracking. I even slept on the floor because the fan did not reach my bed, which left some sweat marks on the floor, which would resemble a police murder scene if it was blood instead of sweat. That's how bad it was.


Been sleeping on the floor for the entire week, and probably would for the entire year there. Oh well, never been particular about the height from the floor, as long as I have something decent under my back while I sleep, and cool enough. Fuck the weather, I say.

And another thing I noticed in INTEC, everyone's a scholar. Haha, if you think schooldays are stressful, wait till you get to INTEC. Everyone's a top student there. Its nuts I tell you.

Come to think of it, a couple of homies and myself from Batu Pahat are among the naughtiest one there. Imagine that.


Clearing up some issues about the soundtracks from Elfen Lied which I mentioned in previous posts.

I thought the saint version of Lilium is an extended version, but its not. Opening version of Lilium and Lilium extended version is sang by the lady ( Kumiko Noma) in a soprano style. Saint version is sang by guys in a Gregorian chant style.

They all rock anyway.

Lilium opening version - 1 minutes 30 seconds
Lilium extended version - 3 minutes
Lilium saint version - 3 minutes
Lilium final extended edition ( only in original soundtrack I think ) - 5 minutes and half ( 13MB!! )
Lilium musical box edition - 2 minutes

Now trying to get my hands on another anime. Its called 'Strawberry Panic', from what I found out from the net, its seems to be quite good and hugely popular.

Funny thing is, it seems to be about lesbian love romance stuff. -__-"

Seems interesting enough, might watch it for the heck of it, since I keep getting told that Year 11 for AUSMAT is simple enough that I can relax this half year. Well, I don't intend to fail and relax THAT much, haha don't worry about me. I will get my homework done before I do all these funny stuff alright?

There's this song from Strawberry Panic Original Soundtrack, 'Hitori Setsunaku'. Its in piano, no singing, only 1 minute long, but its soft and relaxing. Quite enjoyable.

Emi Greneby's a great source for good animes. Just wait till she uploads her movie for 'Lilium' in Newgrounds.

I found out Elfen Lied from Emi's Lilium, and subsequently of Strawberry Panic from her flash movie 'Lilium - teaser'. Damnit, she can really draw. Her drawings really makes you feel like wishing that you can draw half as good as her!!

If you want to watch her flash movies, go to Newgrounds and search under 'Lilium'. You'll get it, the first version is sort of a slideshow thingy, and the teaser is a good flash movie.

But still, the best flash artist out there ( Newgrounds, its probably the largest flash based site anyway ) is the chluaid, or Adam Philips. His drawings are really good, and his movies are all in the top 50 of all times. Go check out his work if you want, they are 'The Yuyu', "Bitey of Brackenwood", "Prowlies at the River"and "Littlefoot' for the Brackenwood series.

Enough advertising for Newgrounds, I should get paid for this. Heh..


Got a shock when I came back from Shah Alam. There's no bus ticket back to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday! KKKL, Transnasional, Cepat Express, Orchid express, and all the others are all sold out, and they run many buses to KL in a single day.

But guess what? Hasry express seems to have many spaces in the morning.

Here's what happened in the conversation.

Me : Bas ke KL hari Ahad ada?
H.C.G ( Hasry Counter Girl ) : Ada 8.00am dan 9.30am sahaja
Me : *Oh shit, lucky* Pukul 9.30 ada berapa tempat? ( There's 6 of us btw )
H.C.G : *checks file* Eh banyak lar..
Me : Ok saya nak 6 ticket.
H.C.G : *checks file* Eh sorry tak cukup, hanya ada 5.


No choice, bought the 8am bus. -_____-"

And if you think about it, why is everyone else all sold out except for Hasry? Explains something about the quality of the ride already eh :P

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Anonymous said...

yeah lah the weather is so bloody hot i tell you. if sweat could generate electricity then we'd be gazillionaires by now.

hope you see you soon lah wei!