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National Service

First and foremost, I apologize as part 2 of KL trip will not be published. I forgot xD

This post is about NS. I have decided to write it in ala short stories so that it will be easier for all of us. Remember that this will not be in chronological order. The only order is the way I remember the things xD which is indeed very the chaotic.

Alright, without further ado, here goes.

The First Week of National Service.

The bus us BP-ians took to the camp ( Kem Warisan, Masjid Tanah, Melaka ) were fashionably late. Everyone arrived around lunch time. We arrived during high tea. That was freaking late, not to mention us being like orang kampung there, all the Jakuns never even seen a bamboo tree before.

And guess what?

We were told that to the north is the Sungai Linggi, which is inhabited by WHITE crocodiles ( yesh we all saw one before ). To the east and west is a thick paya bakau. And to the south, ( where we came in ) is a five kilometre long palm oil estate.

Basically yes, all thoughts of escape is killed immediately. As if to rub salt to the wound, the coaches inform us that the nearest town is 20 minutes drive away.

And oh yes, the coaches reminded us that we were late because the freaking bus driver got lost 3 times even after asking for directions. Basically, its to tell us that the roads here aren't easy. Ain't easy at all.

Companies and Friends

Four Chinese guys came from Batu Pahat. Namely me, my classmate Kang Wee, and my long lost childhood fightmate David ( last time he was known as Peter ), and another guy called Bernett Lee Sui Liang.

Upon arrival, as we are reporting in for camp, we are divided into four companies. Namely, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. I was listed in Charlie. And after a while, I realized that all the BP Chinese guys were dumped into Bravo.

For real, I felt really really alone. I felt like clinging on to my friends, I felt like applying to change company, I felt loneliness.

Even up till today, I still felt I should have been in Bravo. I have seen what Bravo guys are like. I have seen what Charlie guys are like. And the only girl in camp I found to be the only one that suits my taste is in Bravo.

Heck, in fact I am better friends with Bravo Malay guys than Charlie Chinese guys. It just goes to show how much I like the people. But don't worry, I belong to Charlie. And will be a member of Charlie. I will contribute what I can earnestly to my company that we may achieve victory!

* - I got number 90 for cross country out of 187 guys. Not bad :D
* - I am currently the captain for Charlie's Raft team. Until I am replaced anyway xD
* - I got shooting score [ 1, 8, 8, 1 ]
* - I am one of the 31 in the marching team.

Charlie will kick ass.

Backstabbing and Interpersonal Relationships

Barely a fortnight into camp, a few of our initially large group of friends began backstabbing each other. As the camp is not finished yet, I shall not mention name. But they will be called X, Y, and Z etc.

Mr. X initially was a much well-thought fellow. He looked mature, seemed responsible and such. But when he started backstabbing others, our large group began to break. Until now, Mr X only has two real friends. Myself not included.

When everyone started to ignore Mr X, he said me and another friend were his best friends. I wanted to keep that. My one intention of going to NS is to make friends with everyone and have no enemies.

But I made the mistake of backstabbing Mr X. He overheard.

I was walking back to dorm when one of my best friends started talking about Mr X. How the way he walks portrays his arrogance.. bla bla bla. I listened and added a thought of mine, which is not exactly pleasant honestly. And then, I saw him. He waved to me.

Since that day, he distanced himself from me. I don't feel the need to apologize. The way he backstabs everybody, I will not be surprised if he starts backstabbing me. Furthermore, I was emotionally hurt many times by Mr X.

How would you feel if you repeated something to another person 3-5 times and receive no response at all? That person wouldn't even look at you even if you called his name many times. When he did turn, he said 'I didn't hear you'.

How would you feel, if you sat down beside your friend for a chat, and he ran off with another friend at top speed the moment you sat down?

Yeah, that happened to me. Before I BS him. But still, I don't like this BS-ing business. Not my cup of tea. I will try to avoid these kind of stuff.

Orang Gila Tanjung Warisan

Yes. That is my nickname in NS. How I got it, its quite a long story.

You see, we all have 2 weeks of Character Building classes. After two weeks, we have an official night to officially close down CB class. And it is then, every CB class is required to present a performance. ( CB class is divided by companies, so there are 4 CB classes )

My CB class ( CB 3 ) made its own very special performance. We wanted to do some comedy, yet carries something meaningful. So we made a story about three friends going to a mental hospital.

I acted as one of the crazy people there.

Well, you see, we have a OC squad keseluruhan. A Chinese guy who is not exactly well liked because of his air of arrogance and diao-ness.

And what I did was, I mimicked him. With good acting too.

Everyone collapsed in laughter. I received praises saying my part was the funniest.

But alas, we lost.

Alpha got 2nd for performance ( They did dikir barat ). While Bravo got 1st ( They did a sketch, they tried to be funny but were seriously cold. They won because theirs carried patriotic meanings, in my opinion anyway. After all, Charlie's message was [ don't forget the insane people ] while Bravo's message was [ don't forget the tokohs of Malaysia ].

Though we lost, from that day onwards I was known as the Orang Gila Tanjung Warisan among the Malay community in the entire camp.

Komunis Warisan

This is my 2nd nickname. Acquired quite recently. You see we had a Malam Patriotik for Kenegaraan class ( Classes are divided in a random way where four companies are mixed together ). Each class sent a solo singer to sing patriotic songs.

But a Charlie coach, Cikgu Kamisah wanted to do her very own performance. She wanted to sing a sajak, the sajak is about an old hero, who during his younger days fought communists. She wanted some actors from Charlie to mime out as she sang her sajak.

I was the communist together with another friend. We had to cooperate with other guys ( the good guys ) and perform some matrix stunts.

Since that night onwards, I was known as the 'Komunis Kem Warisan.' Guess what? Put together my nickname and you get 'Komunis Gila Tanjung Warisan'.

Friend in Need

There was a morning where we had this trial run for cross country. 10 kilometres track for guys and 7.5 kilometres for girls ( supposedly, But I think it was 5 and 3.5 )

As this was a trial run, we didn't have to go fast, just to know the way.

Anyway, halfway through, I saw a Malay friend of my company whom I did not know yet. He was sitting down, in pain. He said his stomach really hurt and he couldn't move. According to him then, he said it was gastric.

He wanted to continue. But I stopped him. I asked him to turn back, but he couldn't really move without doubling in pain. So myself and another friend carried him back, while assuring him that I am a member of St.Johns Ambulance.

He passed out once. Which led me to suspect it wasn't gastric. His pain was on his right abdomen. I suspected Appendicitis.

Back in camp, the medic's van was already ready to bring him to the hospital. So I left him with the medic and went off to do my own stuff.

During lunch, teacher asked for a volunteer to accompany him to the hospital. I thought, what the heck, since I brought him back, might as well follow and help all the way.

When I reported to medic, I was told to change into class uniform and bring some toiletries and towel.

Ok fuck. I was expected to stay overnight or two nights with him.

I didn't expect that at all. So I was stuck.

First, he was sent to Terendak Land Army Hospital. There we sat for 2 hours while waiting. I watched an Indian movie on TV while waiting. It was.. interesting.

Anyway, the plot for the Indian movie is this :

An Indian guy, who came from a family of wrestlers, can't wrestle. Instead, he loves cooking. And he landed a job in a hotel, where he started wooing a certain Miss Sonya, executive or something in the food section.

On the other hand, there is an Indian gangster, named Manu, who looked identical to the main character. And he set out to kill his friends who betrayed him for his money.

And he found out that there is this other guy who looked identical to him, so he assumed the cook's identity and threw the cook behind bars.

And it was a series of unfortunate events for the main character. But he prevailed in the end.

Oh, during the two hours, fifteen minutes were spent on Adverts. Half an hour in quiet story development. The rest on singing and dancing.

Back to reality. Apparently the hospital couldn't really treat him, so he was sent to Terendak Hospital. There they diagnosed him to be a confirmed case of Acute Appendicitis.

Another two hours. Then they said as they were lacking an anaesthetic expert, they couldn't operate on him. He was transferred to Malacca Main Hospital.

It was already evening by the time we arrived there, what with all the delays and shit. His parents came. Coach asked him 'Mau Kawan teman ke keluarga teman?'

I was secretly elated. Yes! Can go back camp instead of this boring place!!!

Instead, he pointed at me and said 'Kawan teman'.

I was crushed. Coach asked me 'Boleh?'

I didn't want to be the bad guy. Since I initially intended to help, might as well. So I agreed.

I spent the night beside this guy in hospital. During the unearthly hours, his pain subsided. Doctors came and went. And he was told he was fine to be discharged. Wtf.

This is really the case of 'Sick at home, fine in the hospital'.

What I got from this incident.

1. The Medic began calling me her medical assistant. I will be called to assist her anytime because I told her I was a member of St. John Ambulance and has some trickling knowledge of first aid. I shared lots of stories and such with the Medic during the long wait. She's a nice lady.

2. A good friend. Malay people always remember people who have helped them. Now I know I have at least a loyal Malay friend in camp now. And whats more, my deed has made the Malays in my dorm ( 17 people in my dorm. 2 Chinese 1 Indian the rest Malays ) come to appreciate me. I made many many new friends that day upon arrival back in camp. All Malays. :D


I suppose that's all for now. I am very tired from typing. I will update tomorrow if i feel like it. If not, just wait another fortnight, that's when I am officially out of camp and completed my training stint.

P/S : Secretly, I am hoping to get the title 'Wira Terbaik'.
P/P/S : Secretly, I know I am not the best deserving one.

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