Tuesday, December 05, 2006


First and foremost..


Haha very lame. It is proven during SPM that I am allergic to exams. I HAD FEVER THREE TIMES IN A WEEK!! No I don't think its dengue.

Expected Targeted Results :


7/8 A1s. 2/3 A2s.

I am not setting my hopes too high. I will be happy if I get all As. I am pretty confident of 7 subjects, with the exception of Moral Ed., Biology and Chemistry. But I am confident I can get at least an A2.

I heard from friends that we're getting our results on the 28th of February. That means I'll be getting my results in NS camp. Wtf!! Oh well.. can always visit school after NS xD

And so a chapter of my life has come to an end.


Just watched James Bond with two friends and a fiend last night. Maybe make it three fiends. Zhi Wei, Heng Leng and Yee Yong. Zhi Wei couldn't stop bullshitting the entire hour-and-half before the movie until the movie. Heng Leng's phone kept ringing during the movie and he went to toilet god-knows-how-many-times. And Yee Yong's mind can never stop spinning. He keeps asking why why why when watching the movie. And I am watching Happy Feet with them later!

On to what I think about James Bond : Casino Royale. Its pretty good.

Its the best Bond movie I have ever watched. (*that's cause its the only one I remember watching*)

Girls were hot. Daniel Craig had nice blue eyes. And the way he messed up everything and in the end turned out he was right was way cool xD He has a good style of saying 'fucker-classified' stuff.

Vesper Lynd : *something something - don't fall in love with me or something* lol i can't remember xD
James Bond : That's ok. You're not my type.
Vesper Lynd : Smart?
James Bond : Single.

The girl who played Vesper Lynd was Eva Green! I was wondering why the hell she looked so damn familiar to me. I have seen her act in Kingdom of Heaven! That is why! I am terrible at remembering actors. Well, maybe some actresses as well xD


I bought Eragon the Game for PS2. It was not at all that disappointing. But though it tends to get quite monotonous. But its quite nice. Really :)

I finished reading Eragon and Eldest in 3 days during SPM period. I know I was supposed to be studying xD But hey come on lar.. Eragon vs. Text book. Its pretty obvious which will have a greater hold on me. Eragon is 600 pages. Text book also 600 pages. The only difference is I won't feel hungry after reading Eragon. And I won't fall asleep while reading as well.

I have checked out the movie. No I haven't watched it. But just checked it on the net. Apparently there's lots of newbie actors. But I saw the trailer, it looks quite promising. Though somewhere on the net some people mentioned that they hacked the plot apart. Aaargghh! Destroying a good story just to save millions is a crime to all penguins!

Irrationally, wouldn't it be better to pour in a couple of extra millions and a bit of time so that all the reviews turn out to be orgasmic and hit box office for 6 months straight?

At least Lord of The Rings wasn't too disappointing.

In Eragon, OMG WTF Rachel Weisz is Saphira!! How can they put such a hot girl as a dragon!!!????? Considering its a dragon, that means she will be voicing it!!!! DAMN! They should hire her as Arya!! I don't think the current Arya is hot enough. Personal preferences. Don't start hurling fireballs or eggs on fire at me. Rachel Weisz is so much hotter.

In case you do not know who she is, she acted as Angela in Constantine. If you still don't know, you're fucked. Go watch some movies. :P

My movie count is pathetic compared to my friends.


If there's nothing I hate more, it is having to lend other people my prized story books. Yeah I know, at around RM32 - RM64 each, its not that expensive to you rich brats out there. But they are MY storybooks. My Precious. I distrust everyone when it comes to storybooks.

Not to mention I lent it to a friend, he refused to return me. Said he was at the last chapter of the story and he will not read the last chapter UNTIL the fourth book is published, which the author is currently still working on it. WTF MAN!! WHAT KIND OF LOGIC IS THAT?? Its at least a year or two wait. Who the hell reads a book until the very last chapter then stops just so that he/she can read the last chapter when the sequel book comes out?

And also they tend to come back folded, scribbled and stuff. Hello? THOSE ARE MY BABIES!! I am passionate towards them!!

Erm what was it I wanted to say again? I forgot amidst my sudden outburst.


Now that SPM is officially over. These are my plans until after NS.

9th - 13th : Go KL find friends.
18th - 26th : Go Singapore and knock a fortune out of my bro. Its prob the last chance I deal such a financial blow to him anyway.
28th - 31st : Go KL again. My cousin's getting married on the 30th.

Jan 1st - March 11th : NS in Masjid Tanah, Malacca. My dad says its by the seaside o_O

In between, I hope I get some good books to read. I have more books at home than the books at the local bookstore. That's how pathetic it is. I always have to travel to at least JB or Malacca to buy a decent storybook to read.

Yeah, I have 11 books of The Wheel of Time, 9 books of The Sword of Truth to mention the least. And I TRAVELED TO THEM BIG CITIES TO BUY THEM ONE AT A TIME!??? That's at least 20 times man! WTF!

But what to do? My aunt says the range of the books sold is depending on the consumers. Where there are many readers, there are many books. Which means... I am probably the only one in Batu Pahat who reads story book for leisure. Haha xD


The world is going to the dogs. Literally. Corruption is still rampant among authorities in Malaysia ( In Chinese they are called 'dog officers' which means corrupt officers ).

We had friendster. Now we have dogster.

In China, people actually hold a funeral for their pet dogs that had died.

You know you're screwed when some dogs wear nicer clothes than you.

Criminals getting away by taking a dog a hostage?? ( Ok, that is my imagination. But we never know do we? )

The next thing you know? Some American Prez ( or maybe even Malaysia xD But since our people seems to love cats more.. ) in the future couldn't make it to a conference and sent his dog as his official representative instead.

Just wait. When the penguins come.... then we will know.


Josh said...

Hey, I read books for leisure too OK? You're not the only one in BP, you penguin.

Ah, I've never heard of Wheel of Time nor have I heard of the Sword of Truth series. . . Perhaps the great and mighty Leslie could loan them to me (Fat hope, but hope is still hope). . I'm so bored this holidays. .

Ah, your "adopt us" picture still confounds me as to why he is in the picture. Anyway, forget I asked that question.


Zhi Wei said...

haha. if it's paris hilton you're talking abt, then the criminals WILL get away